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February 2nd 2012
Published: February 21st 2012
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2-2-12 Thursday

The morning started before we did. Although Francisco said 8 am, the trucks were already unloading the grapes into the de-steamer. It was a quick drop off and we were ready to rack the pinot noir into its new tank and finish the testing. After pumping the wine from the tank we had to physically get into the tank and shovel out the skins to the press. It seemed like fun so I gladly volunteered. Into the tank I went along with Thomas to show me how it was done. To my surprise the bottom of the tank was at an angle so as soon as the majority of the grapes were gone you had to hold on to the top of the tank and hold yourself up so you didn’t slip down the side. Another fun little fact while you are shoveling the grapes, you must keep your head at a certain level because if you go down too far there is a layer of CO2 covering the pumice, that when not careful you could pass out of oxygen depression. This was explained to me after I finished the job.

We washed all of the machinery and headed back to the house for an attempt to make cookies. The keyword here is attempt because we did not have all the necessary ingredients nor did we have a recipe. After a quick debate of how the cookies should be made, I retired to the hammock because my insomnia is now catching up to me. When the rain ceased we made our way back to the house and it was time to start dinner. Again Penorol was playing on T.V. but this game wasn’t as exciting as the first. Due to the fact that Caracas had to score 5 points to win since the last game, and in soccer that’s just absurd.


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