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February 5th 2012
Published: February 21st 2012
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2-5-12 Sunday

This morning was very easy, we met Jiar at 9 and started the pump overs, before we knew it we were done and it was only 10 am. I returned to my bed and fell back to sleep, not really because I wanted to but there isn’t any other really comfortable place to sit. I woke in time for lunch, and after a quick grilled cheese with quince, needed to cool off in the pool because it is again way to humid. The forecast calls for rain which you can feel the heaviness in the air.

By six Tomas and I went to get the horses but the clouds were rolling in, I thought that it would be fun to still go out riding, and I some how convinced everyone to come along with me. We got to the Brazilian border when the sky opened up and it started to downpour, the rain is so heavy here and there are a few minutes of downpours and then light rain for a few seconds and back to down pouring. I switched horses with Ben because it is easier to ride with a saddle and this was only his third time riding a horse. One problem the riding pad that was on my new horse wasn’t tight enough and was slipping off of her while I was riding, it is also extremely uncomfortable to trot without a saddle, so I took the liberty to canter home and leave everyone else behind. I can’t really tell if the others had as much fun as I had but we were all home safe but soaked to the bones.

Francisco came to pick us up after we all showered and changed. Tonight was pizza night, it seems that we will always be making dinner, because when we get to the house everything is ready for us to cook, and everyone disappears. While preparing the pizza there was a gun shot from inside the house, Tomas proudly declared that he shot a rabbit from the window of the office, and he ran out to grab it, this would be our dinner tomorrow, and thus he bled and skinned the rabbit right then and there before dinner. I couldn’t look outside while he was doing it even though it was in plain sight I really had to work hard to not look out the window at the bloody carcass while eating dinner. Instead of joining the others in the activity of skinning the dead animal, I sat inside and drank a 2011 chardonnay, and a sauvignon blanc with pizza, and 2006 Sust with dessert. This Sust was very different than the last one we drank. Francisco said that this one was from their own cellar as opposed to the others that were returned from a wine store in Montevideo, it was stored on a shelf upright and exposed to the elements. Which gave it an oxidized flavor.


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