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January 27th 2012
Published: February 21st 2012
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1-27-12 Friday

Today we finished crushing the Sauvingon Blanc Nunez and also we added the Verdejo in the mix, which guess what… we had to harvest ourselves. I have come to hate harvesting at the end of the day, although it is only my second day harvesting, I know enough that in the midday sun there is no shade to take cover behind the vines and it is so hot you burn almost immediately, even though it was 11 am it was close enough to noon that it was hot enough. Ben and I were the ones stuck to harvest, they said there wasn’t enough scissors and we still had ours from the day before… luck of the draw I guess. Since it was only us two in the row I played some Rebelution to make the time pass a little quicker. Thank the lord Ben likes reggae and just started to get into this band. Soon the rest of the workers were brought to finish our harvest, again we were too slow. And we returned to the winery when finished with picking all of the grapes because it was time for lunch. I cant quite tell is a nap in the siesta is a good thing or bad thing, if it is too hot and humid it is bad because really who likes a sweaty nap? If it is cooler it is perfect because you wake up refreshed and ready to go. When we returned to the winery there was only one more truck of the Sauv. Blanc Nunez to be pressed and it was time to clean and get out of here. It is an early night and our first Friday night at the winery what will we do?

After reading for a few hours we found a reggae channel on TV and started our dinner, luckily Ben brought a bottle of rum with him, so we drank all of it and played cards for the rest of the night… this is our excitement. We all agreed that we need to find our way to town to pick up some more liquor, there isn’t too much to do here and alcohol would most definitely help pass the time. You would think that we would have as much wine as we wanted but we only drink when Francisco is here, and I don’t think he will be here all the time, at least by the look of this first week he won’t. But when he is here he likes to drink!


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