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January 26th 2012
Published: February 18th 2012
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1-26-12 Thursday

Today the morning started like yesterday, testing all of the wines, now we have three to test, the pinot nior, e. muscot, and the chardonnay. After the testing we were told to set up the machinery for more grapes that were being harvested. Danny said that we wouldn’t harvest today, just to help with the sorting and pressing. It was a relief because today is another really hot day. Today was only 4 trucks of Sauvingon Blanc Frances, a total of 8.9 tons or 6,595 liters it was all pumped into one tank, and while we waited between truck loads we clarified the chardonnay, which is letting the sediment fall to the bottom of the tank and slowly siphoning out the clear liquid into another tank, this will be done for 3 days to get as much clear juice out of the tanks as possible.

We finished cleaning at 6 and decided that it would be a good night to prepare the chicken. Thomas came over to help us with the piasha, and we opened the chicken and rubbed it with lime-juice and let it sit on the fire for an hour and a half before flipping it. In the mean time we played cards and chatted with Thomas about life on the vineyard. He is a very funny 15 year old. I don’t think that my parents would let me live 5 hours away on a farm all by my self at 15. We asked him what he makes for dinner when he was by himself and he said rice and pasta… what any 15 year old boy would make. By the time the chicken was done it was time to watch the soccer match on TV. We pulled the table into the living room and all got amped up when Penerlo won the match.


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