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April 17th 2011
Published: April 17th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

It’s raining and my bus doesn’t leave for another 3 hours so I figured I’d get to blogging..

Where to begin? I love Uruguay. Ever since I spent time in Uruguay in high school I’ve been dying to go back. There is just something so magical about this place. It’s very laid back and I love being on the ocean.

I took the ferry from BsAs to Colonia, Uruguay early Friday morning and then bussed from Colonia to Punta del Este. In total it’s about a 6 hour trip. After getting checked in at the hotel in Punta del Este, my pals had not arrived yet, so I hit the beach to lay out in the sun. Just hearing the ocean was great. Soaking in the sun, I passed 3 hours starting & finishing the last book I brought with me.

A few friends who I had met in Cusco had arranged to come down to Uruguay so we could all hang out, surf, sail and enjoy the last of South America’s summer. My friend Rodolfo from Brasil got in that night with a friend from Italy & and one from South Africa. His friends have a sailboat here that we were able to take out. We spent the rest of Friday getting the boat set up and then we hit the golf course.

I have go to be the WORST golfer in the whole wide world. Embarrassing as it was, I still managed to enjoy myself. We were at the Yatch Club of Punta del Este and I looked like a complete asshole, but again, not a big deal. We enjoyed a delicious dinner there and all headed in early for bed.

I woke up early Saturday to the sun beaming through my window. I threw on my swimsuit and headed to the beach to catch some waves. Another friend we met in Cusco, from Australia, came down as well and brought a friend from Israel. The waves weren’t too great, but it was nice to be out in the ocean in the sun, enjoying the morning.

We grabbed breakfast and then got ready to set sail. We sailed up north/east up the Uruguay coast to Punta del Diablo. It was unreal. We managed to make it in about 3 and a half hours, just in time for lunch.

We enjoyed delicious sandwiches, ocean side. (One thing I haven’t been too impressed by in South America has been the food. A lot of it doesn’t have much flavor, especially in Buenos Aires. I miss spicy food. But this sandwich, it was awesome and full of flavor, it really it the spot). We stopped for a drink before we headed back to Punta del Este. The bar’s house gin was Bombay, clearly we made the right decision. After a tasty G&T, we boarded the boat to head back.

I really enjoy sailing. It’s so refreshing.

Once back in Punta del Este, I wandered around the boardwalk and finally decided I needed a nap. It had been a long day and I was worn out.

For dinner we ate at a Mexican restaurant, Pueblos. Finally, spicy food!! It was such a treat to be able to eat spicy and flavorful food.

Again, we called it an early night, all having been tuckered out from the days activities.

It was a nice weekend getaway. Uruguay is definitely one of my favorite places to be.


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