Published: April 7th 2011
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We debated stopping at another lovely beach town (Florianopolis). It’s supposed to be amazing, however the forecast suggested that Brazil had only more rain in its near future and we decided to give it a fond farewell.

Another short bus ride (6 hours) and we arrived in Sao Paolo. There we met up with family of one of John’s friends for a short visit, and headed to the airport for our next adventure.

Fantastic! Montevideo was wonderful! The weather was finally perfect; sunny, sunny, sunny, but mild. And the town was so incredibly likeable, we’d liked to have never left! It felt a bit to me like Denver. They have nice walking malls, polite people, areas of very modern construction and some much older. It was great. Plus, our place, Posada al Sur, was terrific.

We went for runs along the water, walked the town, browsed local markets, saw the sights, watched amazing sunsets, enjoyed the full moon, sat on beaches and finally went out salsa dancing! The nightlife continued to amaze us, as clubs don’t even begin to close down until 6am.

Advice for travelers: Don’t use the airport taxi to take you into town! Seek out a regular city cab for transport, unless you just feel like paying extra :-)

But alas! All good things must come to an end and it was time to head on our way, so away we went by ferry to Buenos Aires, Argentina. See you there.....

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Meat is murder!!!Meat is murder!!!
Meat is murder!!!

...even in Uruguay
The old and the newThe old and the new
The old and the new

A statue in a plaza against the backdrop of a new apartment building, each window with its own a/c unit
Fishing at sunsetFishing at sunset
Fishing at sunset

Lots of fisherman everynight along the shores

7th April 2011

Gorgeous pics, guys! Love the one of you two!!
8th April 2011

Hope all is well and your enjoying the time of your life. The rest of us are working, ah....Beautiful pics, glad to see some with you guys in it. Hear BA is awesome....When I left Hawaii after living there two months, I never really wanted to return to mainland, so don't you two get to use to being free roamers....we miss you...
1st May 2011

Awesome pictures!
I think I like Montevideo most so far.....still waiting on my pics (you know what I mean). Sounds like you guys showed them how to Salsa dance!

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