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April 4th 2011
Published: April 4th 2011
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1: Have a Caiparinha! 22 secs
A short bus ride west (4 hours) down the southern coast of Brazil and we were in Paraty, a town with old colonial construction and beautiful beaches.

Indeed, the main square is a cobblestoned, pedestrian-only flashback in time. The beach at nearby Trindade (1 hour bus ride) was really gorgeous!!! The sun was finally out for a day and the water was cool and full of waves, but totally wadable. In addition, there were short hikes within the forest along the beach leading visitors to even more remote beaches. It was lovely.

However, a few snafoos with the hotel (Paraty Hotel/Historic City Center/Ecotours group, though the staff was wonderful) and more unrelenting rain and clouds sent us quickly on our way.

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4th April 2011

LOVE the shirtless dude in the background on your video! ha ha too funny!
5th April 2011

Loved the video. Tell JD sun burns...Docs should know better. Sunscreen or cover up....ding dong.....Great pic of you jumping up and caught mid air over he beach. Perfect timing cameraman. I couldn't jump over an ant hill. Thanks again for sharing....hope all is well, where to sharon
5th April 2011

Thanks for the video, that cocktail looks SCRUMPTIOUS!
5th April 2011
Yahoo!  Sun and beach at last

You look like you had to have used a trampoline to get so far off the ground! What a GREAT picture.
5th April 2011

Hey guys, Great to hear from you and please keep sending the great blogs and photos. John- find some sunburn lotion and some tequilla fast! That looks painful. Hope you are better. Miss you and love you, Dad & Donnah
7th April 2011

Love it
I'm there! Looks like a lovely place.
7th April 2011
Look girls!!  I found us a job!

I'm so there girl! Looka amazing!
14th April 2011

That burn, although humourous, looks painful! I've definitely felt your pain. I too sizzle up like a sausage with no sunscreen. Take care!!
1st May 2011

Nice air on the beach pic. This looks like a fantastic scenic place!

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