DAY 24: Montevideo; Arriba Hostel

Published: April 6th 2011
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The single and only picture from Montevideo. I have no idea of the significance but I needed something. I was too preoccupied with Chinese phones!
I got the 2 hour bus and headed to Montevideo, the capital. I was happy to bypass this city as I´d heard mixed reviews and the weather wasn´t brilliant so I probably wouldn´t get much beach time, but I headed there with a purpose- to buy a new phone. My old, battered Sony Ericsson is dying a slow death right before my eyes. It insists that I type U when in fact want a T, it decides when and where it wants to switch off and now its took up the habit of trying to connect me to the radio...repeatedly until I turn it off.

I arrived and headed straight to the shopping centre armed with my credit card to get it sorted. Marcello was a very helpful man, showed me this great iphone replica, which hold 2 sim cards, has internet and Skype access...ideal for me whose phone bills are turning into people´s monthly salaries. I thought I´d give it a go.

I took it back to the hostel, switched it deafened me with its greeting tone then I found where to stop it making the racket and played around with it. I logged on to the
The German FlagThe German FlagThe German Flag

In honour of the German woman and also just to bulk this entry out.
hostels wifi and tried to get Skype. I clicked on the logo and it took me to Nazwazz or something else...either way it wasn´t Skype, but another Chinese company similar who I´m sure are breaching copyright laws by using the Skype logo...Anyway I took it back the next day and Marcello couldn´t have been more disappointed, though I´m guessing that´s down to the commission I just lost him. Funnily enough since then my actual phone hasn´t been too bad. Maybe the scary iPhoney scared him off- I´ll keep you posted.

In the meantime someone had had a ball at my hostel the night before and vomited all over the room. Luckily it had been cleaned before I got there except for a nice little splodge on my bedpost...the staff were really apologetic and let me move beds...well actually a German woman was convincing me to stand up for my rights and ask them to let me change my bed, not just clean up that one so I did it out of fear for the woman. She was friendly enough, but she did scare everyone when she started doing yoga poses in the middle of the reception area at breakfast time.

I do miss the Germans!


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