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7th April 2011

Lovin your blog Jenna. Looking forward to the next instalment! Missing you. Take care xxx
7th April 2011
Us and the Argentinians

keeping going girl see you soon love you loads xxx
8th March 2011

Memar Inn
I stayed there in 1992 and again in '94. It seems much improved. What did you pay for a double with a/c? I'm thinking about returning. Stuart
1st March 2011

Hiya gorgeous girl, I hope you are having a great time and have managed to loose the blue tinge to your skin ;-). When are you going to update the blog or give me a call - I am in need of some Jenna loving - missing your hugs xxx speak to you soon Jenbob xxx
25th February 2011

Sounds like your having a great time. Enjoy be safe and ill keep reading :-) xxx
18th February 2011

Really lovin these blogs, better than chat magazines!!
15th February 2011

I think you handled the mouse situation quite well Jenna i would of ran for my life, hope your well and keep u the entries up. xxx
23rd December 2010

How -dee!
Well hello team Jen&Moz! Very excited to be joining your blog - would be even more excited to be coming with you - and cant wait to read your updates. Fingers crossed for bout of food poisioning, i had it recently and did me the world of good ;) Count down is on ladies....woop woop!! xxx

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