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April 22nd 2015
Published: April 28th 2015
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These are from the last few weeks in Huancayo, very high in the Andes. We had an underground BBQ called a Pachamanca, where rocks are heated over a fire, then collapsed and meat, potatoes, tamales, and vegetables are buried in the hot rocks for an hour. We went on a hike to Huaytapallana, at more than 5000 meters. I found I couldn't breathe, my chest would not expand. Like I was tied tightly, but I also couldn't breathe OUT. I had to push with every breath. And I fell and cut open my little finger in two spots badly. After that healed, I realized I had probably damaged some tendons or ligaments, because I have a different shaped finger that will not bend, and still has great pain.

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Huaytapallana hikeHuaytapallana hike
Huaytapallana hike

Nearly 5000meters... no air
The gangThe gang
The gang

James, Warren
Mama RicardinaMama Ricardina
Mama Ricardina

Caught with her hair down, this lady is 8.5 months pregnant, cooks in a kitchen without any appliances but a 2 burner gas stove. 3 hot meals a day... breakfast is just the same as dinner... rice, potatoes etc. one faucet in the backyard for laundry. chickens under foot, and she does everything with grace and cheerfulness.
Bakery on every cornerBakery on every corner
Bakery on every corner

Cakes about $7. They do it better here folks!

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