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Published: February 20th 2009
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Boat trip up the La Torre RiverBoat trip up the La Torre RiverBoat trip up the La Torre River

Left to right- Georgia, Yaz, Jaime, Vikki and Jack.
After going bird mad when Gary the birdwatcher was here a couple of weeks ago, we have since changed our recent mania to herptiles (reptiles and amphibians) due to the arrival of a rather mental Swiss herpetologist called Conrad Mebert PHd. He is really a genetecist back home, but evidently has enough money to go on a mad snake frog spree in the Neotropics, catching as many things that creep as possible and taking photos of them. We went out numerous nights in swamps and on trails and came back with backpacks full of snakes and frogs for him to photograph. We also took a fair few, and these are on the blog.

We´ve also been to carnival, which takes place every sunday of February in puerto and where people can throw water and paint at you, just because. I had emulsion paint thrown in my eyes five times, and came back a painty splattered mess.

We´ve also had a couple more volunteers, Anna and Mark a british couple, and we´re meeting a new american girl, who´s here for a few days.

Aside from this, lots of rain and a bit too much computer work, monitoring a big breeding colony of Agami herons and a few other bits and pieces which should appear in the photos.

Hope you´re all well
lots of love
Yaz and Jack

Additional photos below
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Its sick and wrongIts sick and wrong
Its sick and wrong

and we have no idea what it is
Hyla minutaHyla minuta
Hyla minuta

lesser treefrog
Phyllomedusa tomopternaPhyllomedusa tomopterna
Phyllomedusa tomopterna

orange barred monkey frog
Sammy and RaulSammy and Raul
Sammy and Raul

a couple of Yaz´s English students
Jack and WowieJack and Wowie
Jack and Wowie

Living on the edge
Yaz and AraYaz and Ara
Yaz and Ara

still friends
Baby CaimanBaby Caiman
Baby Caiman

we found about 25 of these on one of our caiman searches.

10th March 2009

so jealous! It all looks amazing! That Amazon horned frog is one strange looking mo fo xxx

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