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Published: February 20th 2009
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After going bird mad when Gary the birdwatcher was here a couple of weeks ago, we have since changed our recent mania to herptiles (reptiles and amphibians) due to the arrival of a rather mental Swiss herpetologist called Conrad Mebert PHd. He is really a genetecist back home, but evidently has enough money to go on a mad snake frog spree in the Neotropics, catching as many things that creep as p... Read Full Entry

Photos are below
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Osteocephalus taurinusOsteocephalus taurinus
Osteocephalus taurinus

the other phase
Bullet AntBullet Ant
Bullet Ant

the worlds most painful non lethal venom
Dipsas catesbyi Dipsas catesbyi
Dipsas catesbyi

Ornate snail eating snake
Rainbow boaRainbow boa
Rainbow boa

Jack's catch of the day
Yaz and the boaYaz and the boa
Yaz and the boa

right before it tried to eat her
Crazy Conrad and Yaz and the snakeCrazy Conrad and Yaz and the snake
Crazy Conrad and Yaz and the snake

Which got out at night and did a big snake poo in conrad´s room!

10th March 2009

so jealous! It all looks amazing! That Amazon horned frog is one strange looking mo fo xxx

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