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March 5th 2010
Published: March 11th 2010
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Sand. A lot of it. Pretty much everywhere, including all over my teeth.

Today, I went sandboarding just outside Pisco. And it was amazing! I caught a buggy with my group out to the sand dunes and then across them. Better than the best rollercoster I have ever been on! And I screamed a little bit too much on the really steep ones. It got a bit scary sometimes.

When we stopped at the first big dune, they got out the boards which were so small! I´m so used to seeing massive surf boards, that I was not expecting such to see such tiny things. They told me that the first slope was the smallest and if I were to do any, I should give this one a go. So after everyone had had a go, I dithered at the top for about 5 minutes after them, thinking about maybe giving it a go. Then I realised that if I didn´t do it, I would totally regret it after. So as everyone moved on to the second one, I finally got it together and went down on my stomach. Someone with as little balance as me should never attempt to stand up.

It was so much fun! I went down so fast that it was over in a blur. And I am so glad that I did it. But because I had taken so long in deciding, I had fallen behind and had to hitch a lift with the buggy. Arriving on the buggy made everyone think that I had wimped out on the first one so on the second one, I received a round of applause! It was tempting not to tell them that I"d actually done the first one! I enjoyed every single one of them and wished I could have done more after that!

Earlier that day, I took a speed boat out to the Ballestas Islands . They were no Galapagos but they were still pretty cool. Lots more sea lions lying around, peguins, boobies and pelicans. It would have been nice to get off the boat and have a wander around but I think that{s only allowed on Galapagos.

After the Ballestas, I went to visit a Pisco factory where they make the alcoholic drink Pisco. Walked around the vineyards and then around the factory to see how they make it. After the tour, there was a tasting session and not wanting to miss out, I gave it a go. I (yes, me) drank 7 shots of 7 different types of Pisco and surprisingly did not feel the slightest bit tipsy! Maybe there was no alcohol in there!

Off to the Nazca Lines tomorrow - can{t wait.


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