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November 1st 2007
Published: November 6th 2007
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Now look who has me.....Now look who has me.....Now look who has me.....

in the palm of his hand!
The bus ride from Arequipa to Nazca was a sand surfing ride across pure desert, snippets of coastline with sand dunes the size of mountains everywhere else. There were many run down shacks and half demolished structures, but this devastation was partly due to neglect over time and the recent earthquake that shook for five whole minutes and unfortunately made world news by taking many homes and lives especially around Pisco and Ica.

We came here to see these famous Nazca lines and we finally flew over them in a tiny plane called an Aero condor light aircraft wearing our Halloween masks, as it was Halloween. Below us it was an incredible sight to see, such clear details had gone into the making of these lines, but where did they come from? These strange lines come in the forms of various animals such as the monkey, hummingbird, an alien, condor, dog, human hands and other geometric shapes that are somehow etched into the 350 sq miles of landscape, they are known worldwide as 'the world’s most bewildering enigmas' but no one really knows where they all came from.

Some theories say that they are from early Inca times and
One small Angel...One small Angel...One small Angel...

and above is everything that is going on in her head!!
the lines were walkways that the Incas used to summon the gods for religious magic purposes but they are so precise and grand in scale similar to crop circles. The first lines were spotted when a small airplane flew over in 1920. In 1926 a Peruvian archaeologist Mejia Xesspe began to study the lines, In 1950 a little old German lady called Maria Reiche took over and dedicated her life to trying to work all the maths out as she was a mathamatician. She draw detailed maps and her findings say that it is the biggest astronomical calender in the world, others disagree that it has no relevance but she was passionate about these lines and studied them until she died in 1998. Her home is now a shrine to her as she is known as the Nazca Lady and her remains are buried in the grounds.

Also there are many early deformed sculls that have been found and preserved which have extended foreheads giving an over all almond shape to the head that we already identify as alien form. These foreheads have holes drilled into the front lobes, experts say that this was done on purpose while the
Scary Bloggers 2Scary Bloggers 2Scary Bloggers 2

About to do some Nazca lines
person/alien was high on Ayahuasca in order to let out evil spirits that possessed them. The flight took 30 minutes and when we landed the pilot took off his epaulettes and got into the drivers seat in the taxi out front, he then became our cab driver back to the hotel. In the evening Nazca plaza de almas was full of kids all dressed up in little monster outfits and angel wings.

1st November: All Souls Day

Our trip to Nazca fell on All Souls Day, where all the family trundle off to the cemeteries and give prayer to their beloved dead. I waited till they had all gone to take a shot of the barren desert cemetery which was next to The Mummies of Chauchilla. Here you can find many bricked crumbling tombs with an assortment of bones, rags, in tact hair do’s from a Bob Marley, a perfect Rab C Nesbit and time forgotten Yootha Joyce all weaves were still attached to haunched mummies that were individually full of character and history. This was a flying visit.

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Our captainOur captain
Our captain

And cab driver

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