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October 30th 2007
Published: November 5th 2007
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I spotted a couple of Elves.This was my highlight.

Many come here to trek Colca Canyon and spot Condor birds. But instead I went for a wonder by myself around Santa Catalina Monastery, as im that kind of girl. Founded in 1579, it's first residence were mainly the eldest female child of the family and normally came from wealthy or socially diverse families, they entered the convent to serve as cloistered nuns, never returning to their homes again. They lived in private cells but had servants and lead isolated, materially free, quiet lives with little or no objects to their name. Sister Ana de Los Angeles was the most famous nun who lived here and she died in 1686. Many miracles and predications were attributed to her name. She was beatified by Pope John Paul 2nd in 1986 and Sister Ana now has a cult following. It opened its doors to the public in 1970....I really felt right at home here and didn’t want to leave at all; it was a very quiet and peaceful afternoon out with just birds singing. They shut Easter and Christmas.

Arequipa is very similar in layout and feel to that of Oaxaca in Mexico and Antigua in Guatemala. The whole of Peru drink Coca tea which is the cocaine leaf, but it is used to aid mountain sickness called 'Soroche' as the altitude in Arequipa is 2363 meters above sea level. They eat loin, chops, fillet and breast of meats served on a massive hot stone and im afraid to say they have pens full of live Guinea pigs but they are not for pets because they are sold dead, boiled and hot, ready to eat, wrapped up in brown paper bought on the street like hot dogs but with no buns or fish with out chips.

Additional photos below
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A nuns habitA nuns habit
A nuns habit

My faint image inside
Coca tea that is sippedCoca tea that is sipped
Coca tea that is sipped

Not sniffed through a ten pound note
Monastery kitchenMonastery kitchen
Monastery kitchen

& stairway to heaven
The Black WidowThe Black Widow
The Black Widow

Monastery life... new doors do open...

5th November 2007

Sweet old lady
I love that photo, the colors and the over-exposure align perfectly.
15th April 2010

How beautiful Claire! I am proud of my country thanks for loving our wonderful land.

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