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February 24th 2009
Published: February 25th 2009
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There was a cold rain this morning and that meant coming to Internet Cafe to wait for sunshine. I see it now, but the trails are probably still soaking. Best use of time is to upload last photos of village before I take my leave and return to Cusco.
I suppose I should pay to see the official Inca ruins in Ollantaytambo this afternoon. Shame to spend all this time here and not do that T-shirt moment.

Additional photos below
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Humming BirdHumming Bird
Humming Bird

Finally got that shot of the speedy bird in the fuccia.
Peasant labourPeasant labour
Peasant labour

There is a portion of the village population who maintain traditional work in the fields
Passing throughPassing through
Passing through

When I snapped the photo the flash went off and the cow went running down the street. Oooops. Owner wasn´t too phased, he´d catch up with her later
Blues BarBlues Bar
Blues Bar

I was enjoying a cold beer at the Blues Bar. Great music, mixture of Amerindian and new age songs
Post BoxPost Box
Post Box

It hangs on a nail and goes inside the shop overnight. Geez, I hope those postcards get to Canada.

Walking down towards the train station, nice flowers grow beside river.
End of the RoadEnd of the Road
End of the Road

A couple of shops and market stalls and the road ends at the train station.
Paved RoadPaved Road
Paved Road

Again, strangely for a few hundred metres out of village there is modern pavement and good infrastructure (near trains)
Wash outWash out
Wash out

And then the road returns to ancient cobble stones. At this point the rushing stream has washed away the side of the road.
Mountain CowsMountain Cows
Mountain Cows

Up on the slope there are a couple of brown dots that are cows. They must be a certain type of mountain cow to climb so high

They look like August apples...I am reminded that summer here is fading and soon I should move on....
Artsy ShotArtsy Shot
Artsy Shot

Upstairs in Blues Bar there is a lounge dedicated to Bob Marley. His portait hangs there.
Revolutionary truckRevolutionary truck
Revolutionary truck

I thought I´d see more of his face on things.

The Peruvian butterfly looked a bit more hairier than the ones home

Chilean-style chicken soup, really tasty with big chunks of veggies. The potatoes taste better here.

This little one came along and had the chicken bone in my soup, plus some meat, and potato.... for something so small, she was a fast eater
Bad MachineBad Machine
Bad Machine

This ATM did not give out the 700 soles as requested. My bank is still working on the problem

Six in the morning and the clouds are low on the mountain. This is my last morning here...miss it already

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