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June 13th 2014
Published: June 14th 2014
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Morning Hike to Sacsayhuaman Morning Hike to Sacsayhuaman Morning Hike to Sacsayhuaman

You just go up and up.
My last day in Peru started with a morning hike outside of Cusco for the Incan fortress of Sacsayhauman. This hike was wonderful. You climb out of Cusco for maybe 20 minutes, and for the last half follow a stream that falls down from the steep terrain. It was also a beautiful day. The main reason for this hike is to see the absolutely massive rocks at Sacsayhauman. The Inca's were somehow able to move massive boulders and place them perfectly together. I know this might not sound impressive, but you have to realize that the Inca didn't have a lot of technology. They basically had to use sheer muscle power and grit. And I always find it crazy that when the Spanish invaded, the Inca mainly threw giant rocks at them. Just think about that - rocks against swords and horses. But without Spanish metal they were able to build massive fortresses and places like Machu Picchu. That's impressive.

I also liked Sacsayhauman because I happened to run into an elementary field trip of little Peruvian kids. They were very cute - all dressed alike and holding hands. And when I was sitting in the open field in front of the fortress, a giant class walked right by me and every one of them waved and said hola to me. Little kids are cute everywhere. Other than that, I went back down to Cusco, and saw a few more sights, but nothing too impressive. Like I've said before, Cusco is more of an open air museum. There really isn't any one must-see sight. You just observe and move on.

That's not to say that I didn't like Cusco or Peru for that matter. It's an interesting place, and the people especially are very friendly. But, at least from my little time here, I feel like it's kind of like a one-trick pony. That is, everything is a prelude to Machu Picchu. Everything leads up to Machu Picchu, and nothing can really beat this sight. I actually want to go back right now. But besides that, Peru is simply a very pretty country with some really nice people. By the way, I thought back over my week in Peru over a massive, overwhelming dinner. It was a feast of meat. All innocently, I just ordered a set priced menu and out came a personal grill at the table with 2 steaks, a chicken, a slab of pork, and a sausage, all simmering. Then a massive plate of potatoes. It was actually borderline disturbing. It was like eating an entire farm. But I only made my way through half of it all.

Tomorrow is really just a travel day. I fly back to Lima, then to Santiago in Chile.

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This is where the Inca first tried to beat off the Spanish. They failed, and had to retreat to Ollantaytambo.
Mini MeMini Me
Mini Me

I'm miniscule compared to the giant rocks at Sacsay.
Sacsay Door Sacsay Door
Sacsay Door

Typical Inca trapezoidal door - to help with stability.
Sacsay Field Trip Sacsay Field Trip
Sacsay Field Trip

Must've been in first grade or so.
Sacsay Stone Sacsay Stone
Sacsay Stone

Look how massive and perfectly fitted that stone is!
Afternoon Clouds Afternoon Clouds
Afternoon Clouds

Almost started to rain this afternoon.

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