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June 15th 2014
Published: June 15th 2014
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Santiago Sunset Santiago Sunset Santiago Sunset

From my apartment balcony.
I've lost track of time. When was the last time I blogged? I don't know. But, tracing it back from Peru, I left Cusco bright and early a couple of days past for the flight back to Lima. I remember at the Lima Airport the masses of people following the World Cup. Soccer (football... hah-hah) is basically the official religion in this part of the world, and people take their watching of the event very seriously. One guy I saw blocked the view of another, and they almost started throwing punches. A cop at the airport literally had to intervene! I then took a 5 or so hour flight South the Santiago, the capital of Chile.

This big city, for me at least, is only a break to catch my breath, meaning that Santiago doesn't really have any spectacular, must-see sights. But you have to go through here to get out to Easter Island. You have no choice. That's not to say that this isn't a nice city. I'm really impressed by Santiago, and really Chile for that matter. What I mean is that it is the complete opposite of Peru. Chile is honestly like landing in Europe. Santiago is
More Santiago More Santiago More Santiago

It's truly winter here, and freezing at night in town. Odd to like how hot it is back home.
laid-out like Paris actually. A strict gird-plan of streets, and apartments lining the streets. Chileans also are an interesting group. Mainly, they are so much lighter skinned than Peruvians, and are very conservative and tame in comparison. Meaning that at dinner last night, I noticed that Chileans speak very quietly, almost in a hushed way. And they dress very well, in designer clothing nonetheless. Peru is the typical South America, while Chile is basically Europe.

And, I happen to be staying in an apartment right here in the Center. Sometimes apartments are just better options - and usually make for some funny stories. Last night, I checked in by first being cleared by the bellman in the lobby. He directed me to a random apartment on the 12th floor. I knocked on a door and a woman opened - she apparently rents out a bunch of apartments in the building. Mine is on the 16th floor. The other added benefit of an apartment is the size. I have a massive place, actually 2 stories, and a great balcony with a view of the Andes.

Anyway, today, being Sunday, Santiago was incredibly quiet. I basically just wandered around. Tomorrow
The Andes The Andes The Andes

There's great skiing in Santiago up in the Andes that surround the city.
is the big day, though - what I view as the culmination of all of my travel for the last decade. I fly off into the south Pacific for 5 hours, and then land on a speck of an island... Easter Island. For seasoned travels, this is like the Holy Grail. A spot so remote and obscure that you have to be borderline insane to venture off to it... but, conveniently, I lost my travel sanity a good 2 years back in Egypt. I can't wait.

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My Apartment My Apartment
My Apartment

Really is a cool place to relax for a few days.
Another Another

Even has a complete kitchen.
Happy to Be Here Happy to Be Here
Happy to Be Here

The lady who checked me in was so happy I liked the apartment she insisted on taking this photo. I know it's not great, but I'm including it for her.
Santiago's Main Plaza Santiago's Main Plaza
Santiago's Main Plaza

Early Sunday morning. This is right in front of the main Cathedral, and I'm not really sure what is going on here. Some type of religious gathering.
Sunday MassSunday Mass
Sunday Mass

Chile is devoutly Catholic, and this is its central Cathedral.
Starbucks are Everywhere! Starbucks are Everywhere!
Starbucks are Everywhere!

Always a Starbucks. This one is in the lobby of a giant MetLife building.
Cerro Santa Lucia Cerro Santa Lucia
Cerro Santa Lucia

A hill in Santiago with great views over the city. Literally down the block from my apartment.

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