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24th June 2014

Machu Picchu
I had no idea it was so very very amazing. thanks for sharing and motivating me to be one of those old folks that get up those steps.
24th June 2014

Hey Bob! Glad you liked Machu Picchu! You should really go yourself - I think you'd enjoy it.
21st August 2013

Hi Matthew: just want you to know how much we have enjoyed your Blogs--and your sharing your adventures. Loved the story about the \"manhattan\" and your opinions on the Royals!! We looked foward everyday to see what you have been doing..Personally liked those \"naves\"!! Those Cathedrals are truely amazing structures..Wish you well at Oxford....Love Grandma & Grandpa
21st August 2013

Hi grandma and grandpa, I'm so glad you liked all these blogs. It's fun to do them, and show people where I've been. I had a feeling you'd like the Manhattan incident. Look out for a few more blogs, in a week or so.
4th August 2013

Matthew are you Ok....Grandpa
4th August 2013

Everything's great here, just couldn't find wifi last night on my train ride. Also, I missed that other comment about Santiago. I'm glad you liked the photos and the narrative. It's still up there as one of my favorite places in Spain.
8th July 2013

THE WALL......
RWas Hadrian a Roman Emperor ?..,and why was the wall built ?..Remember that Hamilton is a scottish name, and you may has family history in the area. Have a great time in Scotland, and don't gorget the "Deer Valley" region...Grandma and Grandpa
9th July 2013

The Wall
Hi Grandma and Grandpa, Hadrian was a Roman Emperor of the 2nd century AD, and the cool thing about the wall is that no one really knows for sure why it was built. To keep out the Picts in Scotland, some think, or maybe just to finally end the giant Empire. I'll keep an eye out for anything family related, and the big whiski (that's how they spell it here) I'll pass through on Thursday.
13th July 2012

Hey Day Tripper . . .
Matthew! Can't believe your hanging out in Alexandria right now. Enjoying your blog posts and pictures of your day trips. Glad to hear you've got some good music with you, definitely an essential part of any adventure. See ya when you get back . . .
13th July 2012

What better song for a day trip, right? Hopes everything's well, and see you when I get back.
4th July 2012

Matthew: Enjoyed your pictures from Mykonos...grandma loved the"white" buildings and stone paved streets with all blue trim..Grandpa
4th July 2012

Hi Grandma and Grandpa! I'm glad you liked the photos - the houses are honestly my favorite part of Mykonos. This is where it's fun to just wander around.
27th June 2012

the day
I'm really enjoying your blog, Mathew. thank you and best wishes for more surprise days/memories. Consider not admitting so often that you're lost. I can feel your mom's anxiousness from here.
28th June 2012

Thanks for the advice, Uncle Bob... but it's usually fun to be lost! Glad you're liking the blog.
23rd June 2012

Matthew: Do you meet/see many other tourists on your daily travels?? And ware are most of them from..Europe,USA,Middle East,Other...or are most just the local people visiting these places? Have you meet anyone of interest??.........Grandpa
24th June 2012

The last time I came across an American was in Athens. I'd have to say that probably 95 percent of the people are from countries in Europe: Italy, Germany, I met a couple from Denmark yesterday. Also quite a few Russians.
20th June 2012

Matthew: Are the "dead" still in the tombs and graves...?? We are really enjoying your daily travels and pictures....Grandpa
21st June 2012

Hi Grandma and Grandpa: No one is actually left in the tombs. They were cleaned out by grave-robbers a long time ago. But it's neat to think that maybe at one point in time these people were actually buried here. Glad you're enjoying the blogs!
18th June 2012

Sorry about your dysfunction today! Sounds like one of our many dysfunctional days on family vacations!! Remember San Francisco?!
19th June 2012

Dysfunction Day
I know, I least it wasn't like Muir Woods, right? Hah-hah.
13th June 2012

Matthew! Heard from Sid that you were on this epic adventure. Some of those pics are surreal and amazing that you get to see these places with such a rich history. You have quite a packed and exciting itinerary, hope you are having the time of your life my man!
13th June 2012

Anant - it's great to hear from you! It's been way too long, what since graduation? When I get back let's catch up more. Hope everything's great!
12th June 2012

Great Blog and Pictures
Matthew: Liked the hotel picture and human touch...should get pair of shoes from old shoemaker before you leave and could be his US rep maybe..?? GrandDad W.
From Blog: Bus to Selcuk
9th June 2012

Matthew: If you have time send some pictures of the local people and places...Granddad
From Blog: Bus to Pergamum
6th June 2012

Sounds like the trip is going well so far!
All the family misses you Matthew! We are all jeolous and want to be there. You would be a great tour guide with all the knowledge you have on the history and locations you are seeing. Everything is fine here. Love you, Dad

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