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July 7th 2008
Published: July 7th 2008
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According to the wisdom of my mum, whom I spoke to this afternoon, today is my Birth Day on account of the mens Wimbledon final being played today, just as it was on the day I was born. Happy Birth Day me! Well, I´ve stretched it out over several weeks as it is, so I can hardly argue.

Finally plans seem to be getting back on track. I leave tomorrow morning for my trek AND I managed to switch my booking for the train journey to a day later. According to my mum´s husband, who is a trainophile, the journey I will be taking next Saturday is on the highest railway in the world. Needless to say he´s very envious.

I´m enjoying indulging my capricious side on my travels. As the trek had been put back by a day I was going to have to pay for an additional night´s accommodation in my fairly expensive hotel, which I had pre-paid for the earlier nights at as part of a package. Last night I went to bed thinking that I couldn´t be bothered to move so I´d just stay the extra night there. This morning I thought ´to hell with it, I fancy a change´and packed up and moved to a much cheaper and just as nice place down the road.

After moving and sorting out the train tickets I had most of the day at liberty. I decided in anticipation of my trek to practice on some hills (even walking on the flat leaves me breathless at this altitude). Cusco is nestled in amongst huge mountains and hills so there is plenty of opportunity to practice. I headed up through the San Blas area of the city to a church up on the hill where I sat on the wall and watched the city. I have some lovely photos. The weather was lovely and I discovered that the further you head out from the main square, the less hassle you get from people trying to sell you things.

Lunch was on a balcony of a cafe overlooking Plaza de Armas and afterwards I had to round up some supplies for my trek. I met a couple of lovely generous girls in my hotel last night who gave me a big thick Michelin Man type coat for my trek so I should be warm and toasty now. I had to buy gloves though so went to the Artisan market and found some (apparently) Alpaca wool ones.

I had a really nice time later on this afternoon calling home and catching up with Simon, my mum and Pete. Dad is off out gallivanting no doubt. It was lovely to hear everyone´s voices and I walked around with a big smile on my face for the rest of the day. I´ve now developed a headache which I suspect is altitude related as if I eat a coca sweet the pain goes away, but only until the sweet has gone. I´m sure it will pass and I´ll just keep guzzling the water until it goes.

So - tomorrow is the trek! We will be trekking for 4 days, spending 3 nights camping and on the 4th night we take a train to Aguas Calientes and stay in a hotel. Early on the morning of the 5th day we go up to Machu Picchu and spend most of the day there. I´m very excited about the whole thing. When we return to Cusco late on the evening of next Friday, I will have less than a week left in Peru. I think from this point on time is going to fly.

So I will probably be out of contact for a few days but I´ll be taking lots of photos and will update you when I can. Hope you all have a lovely week and thanks for reading xx


7th July 2008

Happy Birthday Darling!
If it's any consolation, I've just heard on the radio that men have 'body clocks' too, and that the quality of my sperm will start to have deteriorated at age 35.
11th July 2008

How lovely
Thanks my sweet, I´m sure my friends reading this blog will be pleased to know so much about you xxxx

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