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July 6th 2008
Published: July 6th 2008
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I´m sure it was getting a bit tedious just reading a page of text so I´ve now managed to upload a few of my photos from the past week.

It looks like I´ve managed to avoid getting altitude sickness up here, which I´m very relieved about. The only real effects I´m getting are a feeling of having fallen asleep in a room with an industrial strength dehumidifier. My eyes are dry and stinging, my lips are cracked and I´m constantly thirsty. Compared to what I could have been dealing with, I´ve got off very lightly!

The temperature up here is crazy. I spent part of the afternoon sunbathing in the hotel gardens but as soon as the sun disappeared behind the building it became FREEZING and I had to rush inside, throw a load of layers on and put the heater on full blast. Funny place.

I´m taking the advice to take things very slowly in Cusco for the first few days and am enjoying the opportunity to relax, read and people watch. At the moment I´m reading ´Love in the time of Cholera´ for the South American theme. How very civilised. I haven´t even had a drink since I left Leeds over a week ago.

Hope you like the piccies x


6th July 2008

Wonderful snaps
They look like brochure images! We're having a wet summer again, so time to emmigrate.
7th July 2008

Glad you like them. You said on the phone you´d seen 2 photos. I´ve added pics to most of the previous entries, have you seen those? xx

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