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July 11th 2008
Published: July 11th 2008
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Just back from my trek. Wow. What an amazing time. In Aguas Calientes and in a bit of a rush but will try and get something down before I crash.

I have had such a fab time and a brilliant birthday. Long trek, uncomfortable (and cold!) nights, great company, amazing scenery, many laughs. This part of the world is just amazing.

Our route, unlike the traditional Inca Trail was almost deserted, we were probably the only 14 people (trekkers and team) on this route. The only people we encountered were locals with their babies on their backs or riding their horses to town to sell potatoes. Very peaceful and enlightening.

I had a birthday cake made for me by our cooks, made from layers of pancakes layered with some condensed milk topping and Feliz Diaz written on top in caramel. So lovely. I also got an icicle as a birthday gift. My phone also worked for the briefest time so was able to pick up a couple of messages. The battery is now dead but back in Cusco tomorrow night and back to the land of the living then.

Our second night was freezing, temperatures dropped below 0c and there was frost on the ground. Plus I woke up to an open tent and the suspicion that someone had been trying to rob us. All survived though. I´ve seen Inca ruins, mountains, mummies, animals, god all sorts!

Been in Ollantaytambo today at some ruins then caught the train up to Aguas Calientes. Next stop Maccu Picchu tomorrow morning. I´ll be up at 4.30, hence the need to dash off now. Never been so excited to see a bed and a hot shower as I was tonight. We´ve had a good feed and some Caprinias in honour of our Brazilain trek-mates.

Maccu Pichu tomorrow should be great. We have several hours there then back to Cusco at night. Did I say that bit already?

I will try and add to this later with a bit more info and a small selection of the hundreds of photos I´ve taken over the last few days.

Hope you´re having a good week xx


11th July 2008

Hello Darling
You sound thrilled and invigorated. I'm very happy for you. Love love love xxx

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