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July 11th 2008
Published: July 11th 2008
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Spent the morning at Machu Picchu. Amazing. Totally lives up to all the hype.

This is the ´lost city´of the Incas. Of course it was never really lost, the natives always knew it was there but it was rediscovered in 1911. The city would have housed 500-700 people.

I´m not going to give you any more of the history lesson. This is probably one of those places best described in photos, of which I have around 150. Simon - lovely thought to make a slide show out of my photos but do you want to rethink, bearing in mind I have taken 332 since landing in Lima nearly 2 weeks ago? zzzzzz for you! I will put together a very small selection and try and upload some over the next few days.

We reached MP at around 6am today and stayed until around 11.30 when it began to get busy. Nery, our wonderful tour guide from the trek, took us around the site for most of the morning then we had some time alone.

At first this morning the mountains were cloaked in clouds and mist which gave it a mysterious and spooky feel. Gradually it cleared to reveal the ruins. I think the setting probably makes this place, although the ruins are fascinating and easy to lose yourself in. The site is perched high up on a mountain in the middle of the jungle. Absolutely stunning. As this place is probably the main tourist draw in South America I was a little worried about it being an anti climax but I loved it.

So the organised bit of my trip is nearly over now. We will be catching the train back out of Aguas Calientes in a couple of hours and heading back to Cusco, briefly, before I leave tomorrow morning on the train to Puno.

The train ride to Cusco should be nice, coming out here it was lovely as it runs along side the river and the scenery is beautiful.

Oh and sleeping in a bed last night was the most wonderful thing. I´ll be sleeping in a bed again tonight, what a lucky girl! This time next week I will be back at the airport in Lima, awaiting my flight home which I´m excited about but am also pleased to have this week to do the last things I have planned. Feels like I´ve been away from home for ages.

Will update probably next in Puno, on the edge of Lake Titicaca, hopefully with some photos x


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