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June 1st 2016
Published: January 9th 2017
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I felt as if I was tossing and turning all night but I must have managed at least 3-4 hours sleep as one of the few times I woke up the sun was starting to rise and it was just before 6 am and I felt good and not tired at all.

We got our bags and jumped on a bus to our hotel. We were told we would have same bus driver aka private for the next few days so that makes it a lot easier and more comfortable. It was a full size bus too so most of us were able to have a row to ourselves to stretch out and keep all the stuff we keep accumulating,

Andreas did the best he could to try get our rooms ready in time and we secured 6 rooms at 8 am. We all paired up with someone with a room so we could keep our belongings and change/freshen up if we wanted. I put my stuff in Jenny and Daves room. They came asking for laundry but I just wasn't ready to figure out what needed washing so I'll just do some hand washing

We met at 9 and Andrea's walked us to the main square. It's really pretty city. Around a 5-10 minute walk from hotel but in a straight line so cant really get lost. We went to a crepe place which was really nice. Still unsure if I was hungry or not I ate waffles with chocolate sauce. There was 4 little waffles, they tasted great and I managed to finish all without feeling sick. The crepe menu was huge of both sweet and savoury crepe options. One of the girls ended up taking herself back there later for lunch.

We were shown the sites and places of interest we may like to return to in our free time such as the monastery, the church with bell tower, the museum or the markets.

At the markets Andrea's was talking about us trying frog juice but when he went to the normal guy he informed they had been banned from selling it. Andreas said he will try maybe find it in Cusco. As he wasn't able to get it for us he went into detail as to how it's made. Basically the
frogs are alive, they pick one up, smack it head, boil it, slice/grate it, chuck it in a blender with some power which Andrea's also described as male Viagra, blend of all up and the you drink it. I'm all about trying new things but I'm not devastated I missed out on that little opportunity.

Following the market we returned to the hotel and Andrea's secured the rest of our rooms. This hotel was really nice and first one with a hair dryer so I decided to do some hand washing as can use the hair dryer to help get everything dry in time for tomorrow.

In the lobby a few of us made a plan to meet at 1 originally at the hotel then it got changed to entrance of the church to do the bell tours at 115. That gave us who only just got the rooms time to change and clean up.

Had a shower which was amazing and did my hand washing before setting out. I ran into Sam and Vidya and walked in with them. I told them about the others so we waited until about
1:15 however didn't see anyone so went into church ourselves. While waiting there the Martin and Sylvia also showed up. The tour was 10 sole each and then you had to tip the guide as a group at least 10 sole.

The tour went for about 40 minutes. First we were lead through the church we were able to take photos. Next we were taken into museum part and the guide talked about the various items. You were unable to take photos in here. Finally we walked up to the bell towers where it provides great views of the surrounding snow capped volcanoes and the square.

When we finished some wanted to try catch up with a walking tour that just would have started and another group went to the museum or monastery. I didn't feel I had to see the monastery. The museum and mummy I would have liked to see but I didn't feel id miss out too much by not so I decided to just go solo and walk around the square then relax for a bit to try get better.

Given I had a hair dryer I
had a relaxing afternoon of washing hair and then blow dying it and my soaking wet clothes for hours while watching gossip girl on my ipad.

Once again we met 630 to go over the plan for tomorrow. We were due to leave at 9 with our private bus and stop at a lookout on the way which was 4910 m - highest point on tour. Then drive onto Chivay getting on around lunch time.

Dinner we went to a nice restaurant. I felt I may have my appetite back so tried some pasta. I ordered goats cheese ravioli with tomato, olive oil and garlic sauce. It was incredible. I ate every bit of it and it's been the best meal in Peru and one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had.

Here a lot of the group had alpaca so Jenny cut me a bit of her meat. It was very nice and tender just melted in your mouth.

During dinner the g adventures office called Andreas and requested that we leave 5 am as they were expecting protests and road blocks and we could
get stuck. Andreas asked what we would like to do and left it up to us and we all agreed to get up and go 5 am. Based on the new early wake up lots of us went to shops to buy some water then to bed while a small group went out for a drink. I was one of the grandmas who went to bed. I don't want to face altitude tomorrow with any alcohol in me besides my dinner pisco.

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