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May 31st 2016
Published: January 9th 2017
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Woke up 7 feeling much better. I went downstairs and had a light breakfast and got my bags sorted. At 9 we met in lobby to go to Nazca lines. I think all but 4 choose to do it.

We were put in a van and driven to the airport with instructions on meeting a lady when we got there. We checked in, weighed in and were divided into groups. My group Went first.

It was a really small plane. Even smaller than the African one. It only held 6 passengers and 2 pilots. The Pilot took photos of us outside the plane then we piled in and off we went. Such a small plane I was even told to close and lock the door myself. At the first Nazca line right away I could tell why people vomit.

The Nazca lines were really hard to see at first but then you got the hang of it. You fly at really crazy angles. First sideways so one side can see down onto the Nazca lines then a really sharp turn to fly sideways the other way to the opposite side gets a
view. If you have any doubt at all about your stomach take meds and don't eat much. The safety briefing on board was actually 'There is a sick bag in front of you. Make sure you know where it is, use it and good luck'. We had one girl fine right till then end and then she got pretty ill. I sucked at trying to spot some of the lines but in the end I captured all 12 so pretty excited about that. It was a cool experience and I think you would be crazy to come all the way out here and not see them.

We had an hour spare when we got back so I just uploaded some photos and got my bags organised for storage. At 12.30 we met and went to lunch at a restaurant Andreas booked. It was written in Spanish and English with pictures next to each item so made picking a lot easier. Once again Andrea's arrange mini pisco Spurs for all of us. I got a entree like what we had our first night except it was ham and cheese with a guacamole dip. It was nice but after
eating I ended up feeling sick again with bad stomach pains.

We had about an hour again before our tour so everyone just chilled in shade by the pool.

We had a local guide pick us up in a bid and take us to the Chauchilla cemetery. On the way we saw some road runners and desert owls. The Cemetery is actually really cool. They have 12 graves excavated and about 400 remain in total. They are very shallow graves. Lots of the mummies still have hair. Apparently they are dressed and wrapped in cotton and placed in a cotton basket. Lots of grave robbers destroyed the baskets though when checking the bodies for what to steal. A few of the mummies still remain in their baskets. They all sit in the foetal position and unlike Egyptian mummies they do not remove organs but slits in arms and legs drain out the blood.

We then went to a pottery store and watched a lady make original replicas of the items found in the graves.

Feeling very sick again now.

Dinner I got a Ham cheese
pizza. It was really nice but still could only eat 3 of the 4 slices. Really sucks and hope I get my appetite back soon as the food is incredible and big sizes but I just can't get through it. I am broken like i was in Canada.

We went back to hotel and I sat on wifi till 915 then we grabbed our stored luggage and walked across the road to the bus stop. I was seated next to Ash again but on the window. I offered him window as was worried my grandma bladder would annoy him but he said he was ok. It was the same type of bus we used previously. They are a lot more comfortable than a plane. Pretty much when we all almost feel asleep they woke us for food which was a sandwich. juice and a biscuits. Then they just turned off the lights so most of us just put foot on the floor and tried to get some sleep. It's a 10 hour trip so hopefully manage to get some sleep as we off exploring as soon as we arrive in the morning.

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