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July 22nd 2007
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WARNING: THIS IS GIANT BLOG WITH NUMEROUS PICTURES. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!! North of the equator but still in the tropics, Guyana is bordered to the east by Suriname, to the south and southwest by Brazil and to the west by Venezuela. Its vast 83,000 square-mile (214,000 km square) mass is dissected by numerous rivers, creeks and waterfalls. The main economic activities are agriculture (producing ... Read Full Entry

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After 4pm the leaves close. They open again at dawn
CARICOM buildingCARICOM building
CARICOM building

Caribbean Community's head office

Gaulins chillin in a treeGaulins chillin in a tree
Gaulins chillin in a tree

Gualins is the local name for these birds

Cuffy was a slave who led a rebellion against the plantion owners in 1763

Guyana's Starbucks
Coffy side viewCoffy side view
Coffy side view

Keep your toughts clean now....
St Georges CathedralSt Georges Cathedral
St Georges Cathedral

St Georges Cathedral on a gloomy day

Longgggggg lines and slow turnover of people

28th June 2007

Hi guys, Sorry for the had me in a tizzy...but it's all good now. Vibert I see you doing a ting wid de coconut. I could do with some myself..LOL. Always wanted to visit Guyana..if I dont get the chance, thanks for the tour guys. Keep safe
28th June 2007

Me ananas!!!!!!!! Graag ook nog 2 van die manja's en 1 papaya:-) Kissssssssssses Annelies
29th June 2007

Taking a trip
I feel compell to go home for summer. If only these classes could done now, I too would catch some of these scenes live. You guys are having a roll. Keep on keeping on!!!
6th December 2009

Nice it took me back man i shed a tear or two. good job for location scouting for movies too.
1st November 2010

dream world
I have no nothing to say so butyfull country I like to visit in my live ones to guyana
16th December 2010
City Hall

I like the pics they are rly close up and the objects captured are of great interest to the general populace, so overall great job.
6th January 2011
Our ride back to Georgetown

lovely picture i feel like coming back home to live
14th February 2012
Tallest wooden church in the world

the tallest wood church is in Surdesti - Maramures
St Georges’ Cathedral, being built in 1894 is 143ft tall (43.5m) . St Mike and Gabriel been built in 1721 and is 72m tall.
26th April 2012
Tallest wooden church in the world

Going to Guyana after so so so so many years, hope I fit all of what uou guys did in 2 weeks..... Thanks for the photo it brought back many memories.

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