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South America » Guyana » Georgetown August 4th 2015

Geo: 6.80461, -58.1548Etter å ha forlatt vårt lille paradis i Tobago og en cirka 3 timers reise ankom vi Guyana, kom til hotellet før midnatt. Man blir alltid litt sliten etter å forflytte seg - så det var rett i seng. Litt spesielt og spennende å sovne på et sted man bare har sett i mørket. Hva våkner man til neste morgen ? Vi skulle bli hentet av agent kl 0830 for omvisning i denne lille rare byen vi har havnet i. Georgetown. Ting ser alltid litt mer hyggelig ut i dagslys. Det gjelder også her. Etter frokost hadde vi guidet tur med museumsbesøk og en tur i byens zoo. Lunsj på en av byens bedre restaurant og kl 1230 ble vi plukket opp igjen for å besøke en av verdens beste rom-produsent. El dorado. Smaksprøver ... read more
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South America » Guyana » Georgetown July 22nd 2015

Guyana Chuyen di Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Grenada, St Vincent va St Lucia. Toi du dinh di den vung Guyana tu lau vi day la vung dat con lai o South America ma toi chua dat chan den. Khong co chuyen bay di tu My den vung nay co le vi it nguoi di nen toi phai di tu My den Trinidad roi tu day di den Guyana. Di den day rat kho va dac. Trong sach ho chi de di den day phai di tu Brazil roi tu Brazil di den day. Toi tim ra duong di re hon duong di do la di tu Trinidad. Di den day dac ma vung nay cung dac do khong kem. Ve may bay di tu Trinidad den Guyana bang tien may bay bay tu My den ... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown November 22nd 2014

Our transfer to the airport is due in about three hours, then we start our long journey home, we will be back home about 19 hours after our pick up, with a 4 hour wait between flights in Trinidad. Think it will be a bit of a shock going from 30 degrees Celsius to whatever it is in the UK now. This hotel cara lodge is odd, the service can be described as slow at best, and so different from the lodges in the interior where the Amerindian people have been brilliant, here you ask for something and all you get back is a blank look and a long wait. That's the difference between the west Indian (African) attitude and the Amerindian way. I know where I prefer to be 😀... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown November 21st 2014

Well what a great trip, all the lodges in the interior were basic but we'll run, food was simple but we'll cooked and always plenty to eat. Wildlife was interesting, shame we didn't see any of their big cats, but the cayman we saw in the last location was really great, such a fantastic wildlife experience. So one night to go, no frogs or bats or other wildlife in our room, just a bed and a telly and air con, very strange, think I will miss the jungle noises tonight. ... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown November 8th 2014

In the cara lodge hotel Georgetown, beautiful old building staff really nice. First impressions of George town on the drive through last night is, it's not really the sort of place that you would go out walking about at night. But the location of the hotel is good and we had a good night's sleep. Breakfast was good loads of fruit for my holiday monster. We have met some of the rest of the group one German man and an older English couple, seems okay. Doing a city tour today meet with guide at high noon. ... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown November 8th 2014

Crazy day, after breakfast off to visit the mangrove protection project, that was all good and interesting, but then we got on a horse and cart. I was expecting something a bit better than a bench on wheels. Saw some birds on the way it was really hot. Later we visited a home of Roy geddes a steel drums maker and player very interesting but a little weird. He showed us how they make the drum or pan as they call it followed by a demo of playing, what an amazing sound. Then we had some food, not sure what it was but it tasted good. Then we went upstairs to listen to cds of his band, oh dear, it went on and on, they wanted us to buy a cd, we didn't want one, so ... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown October 19th 2014

Our first stop will be in Georgetown,... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown January 8th 2014

Geo: 6.80461, -58.1548Today was a busy day, with lots of visits to spectacular waterfalls. We began the day, however, with a "panorama walk" from Rock View Lodge. The walk started through the farms of the savannah, then crossed the main highway (I did a cartwheel) to a high hill at the base of the mountains. There is a trail, built out of stones held together with rebar, which winds its way to the top. Really, it's a system of trails, although all seem to lead to the top. From the top, we had three vantage points from which to view the surrounding countryside. Despite some overcast, the view was gorgeous. We could see the layers and layers of mountains in the distance, and the many farms of the savannah in the foreground. Lovely!We returned to the ... read more
Morning from hilltop near Rock View Lodge
Morning from hilltop near Rock View Lodge
Morning from hilltop near Rock View Lodge

South America » Guyana » Georgetown September 2nd 2013

So, after 36 hours of travelling... I am finally in Guyana and it's so beautiful and full of colour. So far, I've only driven between Cheddi Jagan International Airport and Georgetown which probably isn't the most aesthetically pleasing route, but even the run down houses are painted in these beautiful bright pastel colours My flight route here was insane! I left Melbourne at 9am on Sunday 1st September. But by the time I got to Guyana , it was 11:30pm Monday 2nd September Melbourne time! Melbourne - Sydney - Los Angeles - New York - Trinidad (although I stayed on the plane) - Georgetown. My ankles are the biggest I have ever seen them, full cankle syndrome. I have also come to the realisation that I am actually really patient when it comes to waiting in ... read more
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South America » Guyana » Georgetown December 25th 2012

Day 434 Tuesday 18th December Up at 6.00am and finished packing, had a quick breakfast and were doing a final check when at 7.15am there was a knock at the door. We were told the taxi was here so we grabbed everything and went downstairs and paid the bill. It turned out the taxi was a collectivo minivan, (as suspected) we jumped in and were off to the port arriving about 8.15am for the start of the fun. The port is called “South Drain”, which doesn’t sound nice when you say you exited a country via the South Drain…sounds a bit like a rat out of a sewer. As we hopped out our driver asked if we firstly wanted to change money and secondly if we need a ride on the other ... read more
Suriname border

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