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South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil June 12th 2006

Hi Mija, Your dad and mom are both thrilled and sad to send you off for your exciting adventure in lindo Ecuador. We ask God to accompany your and your loving caregivers always, to give you guidance and wisdom to make great choices, to live life fully, to learn, and to teach - and of course to steer you from harm's way. We ask His blessing on all you do, in the name of His son, our saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen. We can't wait to read about how and what you're doing! We heard from Tia Toyita through Mamita that you arrived safely and emerged promptly from the airport. :-) We're so happy! Love, d&m... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil June 12th 2006

Hey guys! It feels weird typing in English now that I've spent the last 24 hours talking in Spanish. Everything that goes through my head now is translated to my elemetary level Spanish. Right now I'm at la Escuela Semillita and I thought I'd write a short blog to you guys before I get the chance to write in full at my ¨house¨. Everything went well on my trip and plane ride was awesome. I met some really interesting people from Cuenca and will hopefully get the chance to visit them later during my stay here in Ecuador. Well I don´t want to write too much until later tonight, but I thought I´d let you all know that I´m doing very well and love the people that I´m staying with. So far it´s been phenomial, but ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil June 10th 2006

In 24 hours I'll be boarding my plane to my destination in South America. It's hard to believe that my trip is finally here! I am now offically a high school senior and am feeling quite glorious. I have extremely mixed feelings about my trip for tomorrow. Anxious...nervous...excited...scared...happy & sad feelings. It was hard to say goodbye to my friends and I know it'll be even harder saying bye to my family. Though I look forward to the experience bestowed upon me this summer of 2006. A "mezcla" between work and play best defines this wonderful oppertunity given to me for the next two months. I'm so extatic about my trip...and the fact that I'll be leaving within the hour to go! Until next time, 3 Shir ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil June 1st 2006

Well I haven't left yet, but I'm beginning the packing stress...and I probably wil continue this chaotic challege up until the day of my departure. Yay! :)... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita April 16th 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen... Hope you have a cup of tea at the ready for the next episode of "HRH in South America". Some accompanying pictures and editorial will be appearing in "Hello" soon. Montañita or not.. Rocked up in Montañita 7.30 on a Friday night after a 12 hour, x 4 bus trip from Baños. Within 10 minutes I'd seen 2 of my friends and dumped my stuff in an overpriced hostel and hit the town! Or actually little village full of bars and shops catering to the gringo taste for board shorts, veggie food and cold beer. Personally I thought it was all a bit fake and commercial and full of wannabes (obviously exceptions there Rebecca chick!) and a drain on financial resources. Decided about 7am that it was time to leave. Had a nice ... read more
Sunsets over the surf
My hut in Canoa
The crater lake

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López February 19th 2006

Hola, Wow what a fantastic....while. I think the last time I wrote was in Cuenca, so I will pick it up from there. From Cuenca Tessa and I booted it to Guyaquil, Ecuador's largest and most "feo" (ugly) city. A port city, Guyaquil really didn't have much to look at except concrete and black-smoke, not to mention the polluted brownish-green water. However, always one to try to make the best of any situation, Tessa and I took a nice walk along the reconstructed waterfront, which did have some fun things to take a look at. Stopping for dinner, it started to pour rain and, shoeless and in normal clothes, Tessa and I rain around a pedestrian area with some local kids (who were happily and comfortably wearing garbage bags to help, somewhat hopelessly, with the pouring ... read more
Puerto Lopez
Horseback riding

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López February 15th 2006

Prehistoric giant pelicans, rubber band engines, freshly made cerviche and a fisherman called Winston Churchill. This is the rugged coast of Ecuador. Throw in a nurse with a long needle aimed at your backside, and you’ve got yourself quite the weekend away… A far cry from the capital city, Quito, up in the cool, misty Andes... I might as well be in a completely different country. Everything you imagine a Latino beach scene to be... a fishing town hidden in banana plantations and fruit farms. Extremely hot and humid. Lots of reggaetone and salsa beats. Bars with open walls and sand floors. Fresh coconut milk by the sea and swarms of brown naked bodies everywhere you turn... very very cool. I stayed in a pretty downbeat hostel. But for 4 bucks a night it was ... read more
Winston Churchill
More smiles on the ecuator

South America » Ecuador » West » Puerto López February 15th 2006

Executive Summary: After embracing my inner Peter Pan in Canoa, I finally traveled on down the coast to Puerto Lopez and Montañita for quick visits before heading on to the harrowing border into Tumbes, Peru. Couple observations on local marketing and the coffee quandary. Puerto Lopez Puerto Lopez has just lately become a bonafide destination, thanks to the clever local PR engine that has dubbed nearby Isla Plata 'the poor man's Galapagos'. How close that comes to the truth I'm not sure, being too poor to compare, but the real draw seems to be the humpback whales that put on a show from July to September. It's always a bit strange and melancholy to travel off-season through a destination known almost exclusively for an activity you'll have to miss. But in reality the nearby National Machalilla ... read more
nesting blue-footed boobies
nesting frigate birds
Coast at Machalilla national park

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita February 9th 2006

The Pacific coast... What can I say? It´s gorgeous, just like the rest of this country. Our (Myself, Huns + Mike) over-night bus ride from Quito to the coast was quite an experience. After setting off in a rainstorm, we crawled at 30km/hr through dense fog down 3000m of tiny roads... Occasionally passing ditched busses and trucks (some on the side of the road, others lying further down in gorges) and bunches of little white wooden crosses, at which time Mike declares it´s time to close the curtain on his window. No sleep and 10 hours later we arrive in a coastal town where we switched busses to get to Montañita. A friendly guy named Jose (who I later realized worked at the surf shop in Montañita) led us to the bus we had to take, ... read more
Bus #2 --> Monatñita

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita February 2nd 2006

As most of you know my time in Montañita is coming to an end quickly. As of the 14 of Feb I will be on my way to Brazil. I have to end up in Santiago, Chile by the 25 of May. What is to happen inbetween now and then is yet to be planned. I do know that I am going to visit some of the people that I met here in Montañita. Life has been busy trying to get my visa for Brazil and meeting all of it´s reauirements. I am absolutely amazed that I was able to complete all of the requirements in such a short time frame with my pathetic spanish and my lack of knowledge of the city. Must say I am rather proud of myself! At times, I do have ... read more
Public Gardens
Cathedral in the Centro
Guayaquil Lighthouse

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