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South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil August 1st 2019

Dear All Greetings from Ecuador! This is my country number 80 – yay! Quite a significant number really! And as I believe I mentioned in a previous blog entry, if you don’t count the three little countries in the north-east of the continent, this completes my visit of every country in South America!! It is great to be in a new country again, as although I explored new parts of Peru, it didn’t count as another country for me due to my previous visit. It’s hard to believe that although this is quite an epic trip for me, it only adds one country to my list. Still, the Travellers’ Century Club counts the Galapagos Islands as a separate territory to Ecuador, so my total with them will be at 94 – not long until my provisional ... read more
Sea Lion Colony
View from the Lighthouse
Me and a New-Found Ecuadorian Friend

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil July 22nd 2019

In 2008 I spent a night in Guayaquil before finding a last-minute flight to the Galapagos Islands. My only memory of the city is my bewilderment as I ventured into the raucous, bustling concrete jungle on a Friday night. A friendly local approached me and I had little choice but to let him help me navigate the chaos. So the only thing I was looking forward to this time around was finding some warmth after the relative cold and rainy Cuenca. I had two days to wait for my homeward flight, so I tried to make the most of it. ISLA SANTAY It's worth the visit just to get some peace so close to the city itself. There is a walking-biking bridge across the river from near the malecon. It's free to enter, but take a ... read more
Break your face on Isla Santay
Village on Isla Santay

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil June 17th 2019

Today we started our journey home. We had a pick up at 5:20 AM, which was fine because the beds in our hotel were not comfortable and neither of us was sleeping well. We made our way to the pier with tons of other people and it of course started to rain, which is awesome standing in with all of your luggage and bags and slippery ramps. We had our luggage checked for fruits and animals and waited for our vessel to be called. The words had barely left Chester's mouth saying, "As long as we don't run into that horrible German woman, we are good." When, guess what? Inga our favorite German and her husband were on the boat with us again (the lady who kept trying to push Chester over on the boat to ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil December 4th 2018

Original plan of meeting Nadia at 09:00 was changed to 10:00 as Nadia thought Daisy would like a little more time to rest and she was correct. This gave me a bit of time to catch up on the travel blog as well. At 10:00 Nadia drove us to the Guayaquil Historical Park, which was the main attraction I planned to see but unfortunately when we got there, we were told the park was closed just for that day for maintenance, so that was a bit of bad luck as I originally planned to go there the day before but as it closed at 16:30 we didn’t think we had enough time. You win some, you lose some. Instead Nadia drove us to an interesting commercial development which has offices but also lots of cafes and ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil December 3rd 2018

Up earlier than usual at about 04:35 as the boat had re-started on it’s way presumably to Daphne Major for a scheduled last activity circumnavigating the volcano island. I couldn’t get back to sleep but we both got up at the scheduled time of 05:45 to go to the top of the Nemo I to watch the birds. At 07:00 was the usual breakfast before last minute packing to have our bags ready by 08:00 for the transfer to shore. We bid farewell to Christof and Nicole, Florian and Miriam who were staying on the islands a bit longer and the rest of us hopped on the airport bus. We had a fair bit time to kill so we all did some last minute gift shopping before boarding our 10:08 flight. We were the only ones ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita May 24th 2018

Montañita (17/05/2018-20/05/2018): Surfing Waves I heard Montañita was wild, so I thought I better visit. This little hippy beach town is one of the top surfing spots in Ecuador, and is well known as one of South America’s prime party destinations. On my way on the bus, I made friends with a crazy, half British half Portuguese girl named Jordana Dangerfield. Yes, that is her real name. She was tall, fun, fiesty, and had a bronze goddess tan I would have died for. Upon arrival to this little town, we thought "oh god, what have we done?!". Montañita was tourist restaurant after tourist restaurant, souvenir shop after souvenir shop. Dread-locked hippies selling their hand-made jewelry and tacky market stalls lined the streets. Little did we know, once night time hit, this quiet beach town really came ... read more
Montañita Fun
The Lost Beach Club

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 16th 2018

Manta part 3 day 12 Dave deciding to choke on plantain was the most exciting thing to happen today. Sorry to disappoint you all. We actually had a really good day in Manta, choking incident aside.... the food was nice as were the beers. We finished up with a game of football....well, a penalty shoot out, with a beach ball purchased for two dollars.... the wind took the ball in all kinds of fun directions but it was still a competitive tournament with Dave coming out as the eventual winner. We headed back to the ship but, contrary to nick’s request, didn’t lock ourselves in our cabins but spent a few hours in the pool and hot tubs. Afternoon trivia was stupid...less said about that the better. It’s not a general knowledge test when the subject ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 15th 2018

Manta part two! Okay so the port of Manta is a working area.....see by the photos, mainly tuna fishing. (i don’t think it’s really fishing when you dredge with a net though). There doesn’t seem to be a, line caught, fishing policy here yet! The ships and lorries are just outside our balcony and they worked all day yesterday and are starting up again now. Once Dave recovered sufficiently from his pass out spell, we headed out again. The artisan market was really nice and I bought an ivory nut necklace. As before, the nut is as hard as ivory, looks like ivory but is completely made from the seed of a plant. Once dried, the ivory nut seed is hard enough to drive coaches over without damaging them. It can then be dyed, carved and ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 14th 2018

Day 11 - Manta- part one. Dave causes a medical emergency. (He is fine panicking please Barbara)’s 10:45 am here and we are back on board with David safely tucked up in bed after a frightening experience (for me!!!) in town. We were up bright and early and off the ship before nine am....everything seemed fine...... though David did comment a few times about the intensity of the heat in Ecuador this early in the morning. We took the short, two minute shuttle ride out of the port and, once we disembarked, started the mile or so walk toward the main town and artisan market. It was hot.....nine am and already mid eighties and, on the seafront, there was no shelter from that heat or the sun. Again, I thought everything was fine....Dave seemed ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Bahía de Caráquez August 4th 2017

Suzanne here... We were sad to leave Puerto Lopez, but grabbed a tuk-tuk ($1 this time which is probably the going rate, but I can't say I begrudge an extra 50c) to the bus station. We were not entirely sure how to to Bahia de Calaquez. At the bus station they had told us we'd need to get a bus to Manta. It was a Sunday and the bus station was somewhat deserted. Luckily the one bus in was going to Manta. Five minutes later we were on our way. I'll admit that the beach cocktails and beers did not seem such a clever idea at this point. Luckily I was able to open the window slightly, so I did ok. The journey was longer than expected and it took just over three hours to get ... read more
Close up of quake damage
Rock City beer at Coco Bongo hostel
Canoa beach

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