Manta part 3 day 12!

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March 16th 2018
Published: February 20th 2019
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Manta part 3 day 12

Dave deciding to choke on plantain was the most exciting thing to happen today. Sorry to disappoint you all. We actually had a really good day in Manta, choking incident aside.... the food was nice as were the beers.

We finished up with a game of football....well, a penalty shoot out, with a beach ball purchased for two dollars.... the wind took the ball in all kinds of fun directions but it was still a competitive tournament with Dave coming out as the eventual winner.

We headed back to the ship but, contrary to nick’s request, didn’t lock ourselves in our cabins but spent a few hours in the pool and hot tubs.

Afternoon trivia was stupid...less said about that the better. It’s not a general knowledge test when the subject choice is entirely consisting of questions about the myth busters tv show. We joined the howls of descent but still took part and earned a fairly respectable 12.... the winning score was 14. Still...stupid and not general knowledge.

Early evening was spent at crooners with Frances, tom, and the crew. We are now considered to be part of the crooners crew....pretty high acclaim considering we have been allowed into the club by the 60 day bunch. We are the only 21 dayers allowed in.

By 10:30’s just me and David. We need Caz, Dave, Lynda, Larry, Sally and Lavinia to shake this lot up.

Also..... the crooner pianist.... shocking. He plays NO crooner type songs. All he seemed to play is his own creations. Or really bad musical theatre. Mark, the bartender, said he would take a note up if I said a song to play. So I wrote

“Ffs, play something that belongs in crooners or at LEAST something we might know!”

Mark actually took it up to him and, the next two songs, were songs I’d at least heard of. Crooners isn’t a stage for your own songs.... it’s bloody crooners. It’s rat pack...classics.

Dinner was another awesome affair. David had lobster....closely watched by me for signs of not breathing. All good. We have now made some really good friends on board. Shout outs to the hilarious peter and Mary from England and Frances and Tom from the USA. Frances and Tom own a huge motor home and I’ve now got them saying “motor ‘ome” a la my mum.

After dinner was a trip to Effy’s and then back to crooners where David and I were the last bar flys standing. Tomorrow is a sea day...yayyyyyyyy!!!

We are now halfway through the cruise (just over actually). And at 9pm....we crossed the equator! How cool is that? I believed Frances when she said there was a red laser line marking the spot.... biatch.

Crooners is closed now so we have retired for the night.

Both still alive and kicking !!


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