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South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 16th 2018

Manta part 3 day 12 Dave deciding to choke on plantain was the most exciting thing to happen today. Sorry to disappoint you all. We actually had a really good day in Manta, choking incident aside.... the food was nice as were the beers. We finished up with a game of football....well, a penalty shoot out, with a beach ball purchased for two dollars.... the wind took the ball in all kinds of fun directions but it was still a competitive tournament with Dave coming out as the eventual winner. We headed back to the ship but, contrary to nick’s request, didn’t lock ourselves in our cabins but spent a few hours in the pool and hot tubs. Afternoon trivia was stupid...less said about that the better. It’s not a general knowledge test when the subject ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 15th 2018

Manta part two! Okay so the port of Manta is a working area.....see by the photos, mainly tuna fishing. (i don’t think it’s really fishing when you dredge with a net though). There doesn’t seem to be a, line caught, fishing policy here yet! The ships and lorries are just outside our balcony and they worked all day yesterday and are starting up again now. Once Dave recovered sufficiently from his pass out spell, we headed out again. The artisan market was really nice and I bought an ivory nut necklace. As before, the nut is as hard as ivory, looks like ivory but is completely made from the seed of a plant. Once dried, the ivory nut seed is hard enough to drive coaches over without damaging them. It can then be dyed, carved and ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 14th 2018

Day 11 - Manta- part one. Dave causes a medical emergency. (He is fine panicking please Barbara)’s 10:45 am here and we are back on board with David safely tucked up in bed after a frightening experience (for me!!!) in town. We were up bright and early and off the ship before nine am....everything seemed fine...... though David did comment a few times about the intensity of the heat in Ecuador this early in the morning. We took the short, two minute shuttle ride out of the port and, once we disembarked, started the mile or so walk toward the main town and artisan market. It was hot.....nine am and already mid eighties and, on the seafront, there was no shelter from that heat or the sun. Again, I thought everything was fine....Dave seemed ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta September 28th 2015

It was a short journey from the border to Quito: about five hours. That this is now for us a short bus trip because it can be done without taking an overnighter is testament to the distances we have chosen to travel between places across this incredibly expansive region of the world. Nonetheless, in those five short hours, it was incredible to witness the almost instantaneous transformation of the landscape between southern Colombia and northern Ecuador. Despite political boundaries often bearing little relevance to the geography of an area, there was a distinct change in the contours of the hills and the hue of greens across their distant ridges. When there was green, that was. Dull brown hillsides were prevalent the length of the highway to Quito, once having had trees but felled for something very ... read more
Basílica del Voto Nacional

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta September 25th 2015

Between Cali and the Ecuadorian border we happened to stop at two very different but equally interesting places: Caldono and Ipiales. Caldono is a pueblito midway between Cali and Popayán, about an hour into the mountains and away from the main highway, along a dirt road that was in the process of being tarmaced for the first time when we arrived. After jumping off the minivan at the turning to Caldono, we got into the back of a truck carrying locals to and from the numerous little towns, villages, and farmsteads dotting the mountains. It took an hour to travel the 15km to Caldono. The town itself is comprised of a number of residential streets shooting from the central square as well as a few small shops, restaurants, and market stalls - as well as absolutely ... read more
On our way down to Las Lajas
Las Lajas from a Distance

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta November 29th 2014

Manta - 11/29/2014 - Day 6 Hotel was quiet last night, considering we're on a busy street. Went out to explore Manta. Walked through the central area and the markets. Many fruit stands, live chickens, roosters, crabs, fabric, everything you could ever want. We checked out Hostel San Francisco, another option from Lonely Planet. Price was just the same as Hotel Leo ($35). We crossed the river (Rio Manta), which separates Manta from the little town of Tarqui. 'Tarqui is a little more run-down than Manta. Found an entry to the beach, several huge ships in the harbor. We looked for a place for breakfast with fruit, but just found fish and chicken. Stopped for lemonade and water. Hot aleady at 9:30am. Loud music. In the evening there are many soccer and volleyball games on the ... read more
Great fruit bowl
Big sea creature
The boatyard

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta November 28th 2014

Manta - 11/28/2014 - Day 5 After a good breakfast at the hostel, we took off for lower altitudes. The hostel took us by truck to Zumbahua for a very reasonable fee of $6. A little girl in a pink hat and braids was our traveling companion. She liked to play peek-a-boo. We passed a few herds of sheep on the side of the road. Zumbahua didn't have an actual bus depot. .We just waited for the bus on the side of the road. We are headed to Quevedo, then on to Manta. A few men in trucks wanted to drive us to Quevedo but we said we would wait for the bus. The bus was only $5 total, for a three hour ride. Local ladies got on the bus along the way. Many had babies ... read more
Little truck companion
Oceanside in Manta
Fresh fish

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta July 30th 2014

Our Arrival We arrived from Canoa 1:25pm. From the bus terminal we walked right under the main highway, crossed over the road towards the garage and ended up in the East side of the town. Where We Stayed Hotel Mayita 2 - Avenue 107 and calle 101/102. $15 for a double room with private bathroom and TV. Most hostels this side of the river were the same price but didn't have internet. Where We Ate We had lunch in the market for $2 for a set lunch. There was a Gran Aki on calle 102. About Manta There is a nice beach on the Western side of town with fancy seafood restaurants. Near the beach side of town the hotels all looked a lot fancier. Where We Went Next We went to Puerto Lopez - we ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta March 23rd 2014

Geo: -0.949945, -80.71633 hours late getting back to the ship. Waiting off shore. Nice to be home.Greeted by lots of "stripes" on the shore and the ship. What an AMAZING trip!!!... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta August 2nd 2013

Last week found us lounging on lovely Pacific beach in Manta...well sorta. We were both still down with awful and long lasting head and chest congestion. Lowering elevation did not help, nor did antibiotics, nor rest..juices..chicken soup etc. The good. The guest house is very nice, with a comfortable layout, good furniture and fixtures and a splendid view of a long , quiet sandy beach. Views of breaking humpbacks, fishing fleets, kite sailors and families enjoying the water were a daily treat. Breakfast at the palapa restaurant was very good with excellent crepes, eggs, fruit, juice and coffee. We slept or read most of the time. We walked the beach a bit but our colds would act up every time we did. The young Managers fro The Netherlands and Canada were lovely people, taking time from ... read more
Fishing Boats
Vincenta's Hats
Flowers outside our room

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