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August 29th 2008
Published: August 2nd 2008
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Left for Quito on lunes y arrived after the shortest flight of my entire life. I sat next to a group of friendly old women. The accent in Quito in definitely way different than the costeños, it almost sounds like a different language. However, the sound as though they are singing and it´s fairly easy to understand as long as they are talking directly to me. Anyway, I got to the airport an hour earlier than everyone and had my friends from Guayaquil texting me the whole time asking if I was okay and ¿xq stas siempre solita? Fito, Veronica and I took a taxi to his madrina´s house and it is really big and nice for a one floor apartment. However, it is very far from Hotel Quito where they were staying. Which leads me to- QUITO IS NOT MY FAVORITE PLACE in Ecuador. Really, it is just an outlet to get the the awesome places in the north and the sierra. Taxis are really expensive, by these standards, $5-7 per ride, and everything closes at 6 pm. Veronica and I went to Mitad del Mundo which is cute and walked thru every single artesan shop even though they were all the same. I bought some gifts and a necklace, earrings, and pulsera all for $4 for myself. Oh and a suupppppeeeer awesome gift for Kenneth that I hope I don´t get jealous and keep for myself. The next day we went to TeleferiQo which I only went to the top and sat inside drinking mocacino. I was sort of offended bc even though i ordered in Spanish the girl insisted on speaking to me in english like I was a retard. A mocacino is COFFEE and CHOCOLATE....THANKS!!!! Uggh. Also, my this time I am very very sick and can´t breathe. I should not add too much about my frustration over this because it is just frustration.

In short, Quito sucked and I couldnt wait to get out. Veronica and I got to Baños wayyyy later than we planned to for a variety of reasons including the bus, her shower, the bus driver, Hotel Quito, the bus, and the bus.

That´s all I feel like saying about Quito. Peace capital. I miss Guayas.


23rd September 2008

hi, i just googled guayaquil and your blog came up. it has given me a lot of insight! i am planning on studying there in the spring. would you recommend it?
3rd November 2008

studying in Guayas
I hope this isn't too late for your decision, but YES, absolutely study in Guayaquil. It is the best way to learn and the city is a place you can't help but fall in love with. The people will love you and you won't want to leave. A week here is worth a month at an American University. If I can give you any help, please just ask!

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