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South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center October 30th 2013

My alarm wakes me up at half past three, one hour and a half after I went to bed. As usual my planning has been a disaster. The travelgear I ordered on the internet wouldn't have arrived before today if I wouldn't have picked it up myself yesterday, my bank cards seemed to have arrived just in time but they still had to be activated by taking out money at an ATM in Holland (only then I realized that I didn't put any money on my new account yet, just too late to transfer money to it before the banks closed), I had to get some dollars and my malaria pills... at eleven at night I started to pack my bag and three hours later I was almost ready to go. After a shower there's an ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center October 29th 2013

Most remarkably, Quito sits up high at 2850 meters (almost 9,000 feet) above sea level in a valley bordered by mountains. This position means Quito is spread out over 50 kilometers from north to south, but only eight kilometers wide. There is a mix of old and new in this city of 1.6 million. The Centro historico (historic center) is a trip back into colonial times, with narrow cobblestone streets, ornate plazas, and old, but spectacular churches. The newer part of town, called New Town, nicknamed unimaginably, gringolandia, is more cosmopolitan, like the magazine. The area has a lively cultural scene, active nightlife, and newer hotels, and from what I read, the best restaurants in Ecuador. Most of the people live in barrios or shantytowns, up the slopes of the mountains, or north and south of ... read more
We can always pray

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center October 28th 2013

This is my fifth country have visited in South America, previously having visited to Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. They have all been great experiences, but each quite different from the others. This trip to Ecuador will also be goofy and stranger than strange. My best travel buddy Mike and I are meeting my Lithuanian friend from Cape Town, South Africa. That ought to make for some interesting times. When people ask why Ecuador and Columbia, the answer might be as follows. Ecuador is a very under appreciated country. It has many cultures and indigenous people. Columbia has cleaned up their act after decades of drugs and violence. Anyone who has lived there has proclaimed it to be the most beautiful place in all of the Americas. We shall see. What do we know about Ecuador ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center July 7th 2013

A little music, a sunny day, a love of music and dance creates this wonderful scene in Old Town Quito. Enjoy! Well Damn! I had hoped to put this wonderful short video we took today as we walked through the city but is having some technical problems. We will post it on Mike's Facebook page. Just go to facebook and search his name.... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center June 17th 2013

Iš ryto su vokiete mergina iškeliaujam pasivaikščioti po miestą. Iš pradžių nuvažiuojam iki autobusų terminaluo, o nuo čia iki miesto jau visai netoli, tad einam pėsti. Vakar spėjau apžiūrėti dalį senamiesčio, bet sutemus viskas atrodo kiek kitaip. Šialia senamiesčio stūgso kalva su didžiule statula, tad sugalvojam iki jos nueiti. Nuo senamiesčio iki kalvos viršaus veda laiptai. Kiek palipus laiptais pasitinka užrašas, kad čia turistams vaikščioti pavojinga. Kalva nedidelė, tad atrodo juokingai šis užrašas. Užtektų poros čia kart nuo karto praeinančių policininkų ir nebūtų pavojinga. Nufotkinam užrašą ir keliaujam toliau. Kalva nedidelė, tad per 20 min pasiekiam jos viršų. Statula atrodo keistoka, bet užtai nuo kalvos į visas puses atsiveria neblogas vaizdas, vienoje pusėje senamiestos, kitoje nesibaigiantis miestas. Čia pasėdim gerą p... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center June 16th 2013

We have another snapshot video here, showing our trip from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia to Machu Picchu in Peru. As usual copy and paste this link or follow the embed below: Link - Embed - Following the Incas from Charles Green on Vimeo.... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center June 11th 2013

Starting my trip off in Quito a few days before I meet up with my group... Days 1 & 2 were great!! I didn't get to the hotel and in bed until 3am Sunday night... I will readily admit there were some moments of "concern" while taking a taxi at 1:30 am, but I made it safe and sound. I decided to try the new "Hop On- Op Off" touristic bus and was pleased with the day. Sitting up high certainly gets you some good views. On a bad note- at the end of my day I accidentally erased all of my pics so I'll have to back track a little later. Ugh! I spent most of my first day enjoying the "Centro Histórico" which is a UNESCO World Heritage sight. My hotel is right down ... read more
Standing in both hemispheres!
Plaza Grande 2
Typical street in historical Quito

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center December 5th 2012

On my last night in Quito, I walked around in the Historic District where the Festival of Quito celebrates the founding of Quito by Spanish settlers in 1534. The Centro Historic District is a UNESCO site with beautifully restored buildings. In the Festival there are music, dance, speeches, art exhibits, and performances. It is a great time to visit Quito.... read more
Street Performer

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center October 19th 2012

We have a saying in the UK, usually used when the powers that be suddenly step in and stop you doing something (or apply a load of rules and regulations to something) that you're capable of doing without mishap, because someone lacking in common sense may or may not injure themselves whilst carrying out said task...... 'Health and safety gone mad' After a day of wandering the city my first impression of Quito, and I’m guessing this may apply to much more of South America, is that if it was possible this city is the exact opposite of that saying, but as I can’t think of what the exact opposite to the silly saying would be I’ll settle with ‘Wozers, I can’t believe we were allowed to do that’ and also ‘Sorry Mum, I promise that ... read more
Going Up
Looking Across

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center September 12th 2012

Starting off our experience in this city had been more of a gringo experience than we had ever wanted. Yes, we did have our first Ecuadorian beers – Pilsener and Club. But as far as getting a native or cultural experience was concerned – that was the extent of it. No hard core diving into the “Anthony Bourdain” style of eating street foods, no listening to local musicians, dancing on tables and having pure fun in the true Ecuadorian spirit. What we did do, was got settled in our little hotel nestled in the center of the La Mariscal District, affectionately known as Gringolandia, a highly Americanized section of this culturally diverse city. We are surrounding by nightclubs, discoteques and trendy restaurants. Feels a bit like South Beach. We enjoyed a tasty Mexican dinner and passed ... read more
Steve and His Beers
Top of the World
La Basilica

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