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April 10th 2011
Published: September 20th 2011
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I´ve now completed my four weeks in the Amazon Rainforest. It is a tragic story here in one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Continuing deforestation and segmentation of the rainforest in these areas make a bleak future for the rainforest.
There has been an airport built near the Jatun Sacha Amazon station. This is between this reserve and another one. Air and noise pollution, road expansion and increase in tourism will deteriorate this unique environment. Simulation studies have shown that this will decrease the population of sensitive bird, vegetation and other species. Unfortunately, the support of the local community was bought out by developers. The money was not wisely invested as education is lacking in these areas. Many of the property owners bought out spent the money on fancy vehicles or celebrated until it was gone. Also, new school buildings were built without the proper investment of employing staff to fill these places.
In addition, there is a high pressure oil pipeline alongside the road, passing through the reserve and passed local schools. These high pressure lines do not just spill, they explode when a leak occurs.
Volunteering numbers have decreased in the past few years. I would encourage anyone who would like to participate in volunteering to go and do it! This particular organization is in trouble and needs awareness to be raised about what is happening in these areas. If you have any ideas or resources, feel free to contact me.
I would like to encourage everyone to be aware of our actions in our daily lives. We are able to consume only at the expense of others lives and safety in developing nations. Even if it starts with using less water, recycling, bringing your own bags to the store or turning off the lights when not in use...it has to start somewhere.
The positive aspect to this journey is that I have met many others with the drive and passion to make a positive difference all around the world. I would like to return to this area of the world as a part of a degree program or study through an organization. If anyone knows of any grant leads for international conservation, let me know please.
I´ve also met several people with connections to Oregon and my new work station. It´s a small world and I´m always amazed at the overlapping in the far corners of the world that happen every time I travel.
Here are some photos of the Amazon and around the station. Many more to come...when I have a faster internet connection.


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