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South America » Ecuador » East » Tena July 15th 2016

Hello, I spent a couple nights in Tena which is at the border of the Jungle, as you know me and insects, didn´t want to get too deep in there.ç I asked for a 1 day tour just to see what the forest is like here, but Tena is not touristic at all so I ended up on my own with the guide which was nice. We grabbed the local bus in the morning and started walking with our rubber boots on, we walked through the secondary forest which consists of all the smaller vegetation and plantations, where we met a couple of locals living there, in the forest. They took us to their home for a break before the husband came to guide us through the primary forest, =the big trees and no paths. So ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena August 10th 2014

Hola Amigos! This Blog will document a 15-day adventure I took recently with my good friends, La Familia Simonello (no, that's not salmonella!) Julia, Michael (hubby) & Michael (son, age 12) were repeat visitors to the coastal hotel I manage here in Ecuador, but they hadn't seen much of the rest of the country. I planted a seed when they came last November, setting forth ideas for an itinerary which would include Andes & Amazon adventures. They took the bait and flew into Quito on July 9th. My friends Annie & Orlando who started up "The Laughter Club" convinced me to join them in donning a clown wig to meet Julia & family at the airport! Since Julia & her two Michaels are all great photographers, I didn't bother shooting any photos of my own. The ... read more
Quito's Basilica
Cotopaxi Exhilaration!
Snowball Fight

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena June 17th 2013

I made it back alive from the jungle!! Ecuador has really been amazing so far. After we left Quito we took a public bus up to Papallacta Hot Springs which was incredible- probably my favorite thing so far. We stayed in a beautiful hotel where we could literally take 5 steps out of our rooms into the hot spring pools. The grounds were green and gorgeous with beautiful flora. It was a picture-taking haven! There was also excellent hiking nearby and I couldn't get enough. The trails were right alongside a waterfall and I spent quite a bit of time exploring the area. On Friday we headed down to the Amazon area to stay in a family Homestay. The accommodations were very basic- a bamboo /wooden hut with no electricity! We slept in mosquito netting although ... read more
The gorgeous hotel
First hike

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena September 19th 2012

Ein großer Affee begrüßte uns nach einigen Stunden Busfahren. Wir folgten einer Auffahrt zu einem bunten Garten aus Bananenpflanzen, Lulosträuchern, Papa-Chinas und vielen anderen nützlichen Pflanzungen. Es begrüßte uns ein Haus das mit seinen Hängematten im Verandabereich gleich sehr einladent aussah. Die obere Etage bestand aus den getrennten Schlafbereichen für Mädchen und Männer und einem Terrassen-ähnlichen Bau für Yoga. Wir waren auf der Yoga-Farm bei Tena (Ecuador) gelandet und würden nun 7 Tage hier zu Hause sein. Das bald servierte Abendbrot, ohne Frage vegetarisch, war der Start für Sophie in eine Rauch-, Fleisch- und Ei- freie Woche, natürlich auch für mich ;). Am ersten Morgen ließ sich dann gegen 5:30 Uhr von der Yoga-Terrasse das Mantra der Krishna-Bewegung entnehmen. Um 6:30 Uhr wurden die sterblichen Überreste von uns wieder in Einklang gebracht und ... read more
der Früchtetrockner
Unser Essenstisch, natürlich auf dem Boden
auf geht's in Gummistiefeln ins Feld

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena September 10th 2012

Today was an adventure. We got to take a canoe trip after all! We took a canoe.. yes 16 people in one canoe.. to a community on an island that looked much like San Rafael. We did much of the same things we did on day 7: fluoride, albendazole, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. That evening when we returned, we went to the community that hosted us for the health promoter training the previous two days and they served us dinner. We had chicken cooked in a banana leaf which was delicious and vegetables with rice. Then, we had to eat slugs. I can barely touch a slug so I cannot even believe I did it. It tasted like bacon but was NOT the same texture. BLEH! Glad I did it though! The governor of the Province of ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena September 9th 2012

Our original plan for today was to take a canoe trip to the zoo before an afternoon and evening of training with the health promoters. However, even though we are in the rainforest, it has not rained since we’ve been here. In fact, it hasn’t rained in a week and the locals are getting worried because the river is so low. Instead of canoeing, we went spelunking. It was awesome. I’ve been to Mammoth Cave before.. that is nothing. We were completely underwater at point during this adventure. It was crazy. At one point, our guide rubbed mud all over our faces because it was said to help with wrinkles and zits. While we were down one of the tributaries, we all turned out headlamps off while our guide told us stories. It was so dark ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena September 8th 2012

Today, we began a two day training for the health promoters similar to the one we did in Quito. Because Tena is so much more rural that Quito, it is imperative that the health promoters have a more solid education, especially about when it is important to get someone medical attention and how to keep them healthy until that can happen. For today, we focused on first aid. We talked about breaks, sprains, and strains, bug bites, snake bites, choking, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration, wound care, etc. They really wanted to know how to place stitches properly, likely because in reality, they will be doing this, not a doctor. The health promoters were so enthusiastic and they got to practice a lot of the skills we taught. This is also where we handed out the ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena September 7th 2012

Today is our first day of clinic in Tena. Tena is much much much more rural than Quito. This trip is cool because we get to see an urban setting and a rural one. Every day in Tena we will have breakfast at 7am and dinner at 7pm. Needless to say, by 7pm I am ready for bed. We pack so much into one day but I like it that way. Three of the ten students are sick.. hoping I make it at least until we get home! Today was really great. We took two pick-up trucks out into the middle of the jungle.. okay we were already in the middle of the jungle.. so further into the jungle on gravel roads for about an hour. It was like off-roading; pretty fun actually. We got to ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena August 11th 2012

From the Jungles of Tena to Home: Well, our day to start home had finally arrived. We ate our last breakfast in the jungle and got on the bus by 6:30am. The bus had arrived last night, with the driver sleeping onboard. After a very long, rough ride out of the jungle, we stopped in Tena to drop off our interpreters before heading to Quito. The ride from Tena to Quito wasn't nearly as interesting as it was on the way in, since we'd seen it all before, but it was a lot quicker. Besides making fewer and shorter stops to use the restroom, this driver went a lot faster too. We arrived in Quito just after noon and decided to hit the big mall for a couple of hours. Personally, I think this was a ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena August 9th 2012

Day 23 : The jungles of Tena Day 5: Another similar start to our day, except this morning I was up even a little later. After a breakfast of eggs, little sausages, and pancakes with syrup, we loaded up the boats and headed upstream for our day with the community. Because of the low water situation, we had to get out of our boats twice and walk across land or beach so the boats could be dragged upstream. Today, our walk thru the jungle wasn't that far or rough. Probably because we were going to the community center that gets a lot of traffic. The community center is basically a large open field, small playground, and a white cement structure that can be used for meetings or whatever. Some kids were already there, so we started ... read more
 Most of our group crossing a rocky shore
Playing frisbee with some children
Kim with a wee one

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