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August 14th 2006
Published: August 21st 2006
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day 5 in la selva ecuatoriana...
today was spent mostly in the canoe again as we were heading back to our 1st camp by the community of Nekempare. on the way we stopped at eh house of another of Moi´s relative´s on the river. we saw the most crazy stuff at this house...
-loads of cooked bush meat inc peccary (which the non veggies amoungst us tasted), monkey and mb tapir
-more handicrafts nmade of exotic animal bits u certainly wouldnt get thru customs eg turtle shell, toucan feathers
-a huuuge jaguar skin
- hanging up where several animal skulls, inc caiman (small aligator) and a boas head... the man of the house had caught one the day b4, wrestled with it and won the fight. outside the skin was stretched out to dry, at least 3m of it!
-Moi´s sister was singing and babbling away to us excitedly in huao seemingly unaware that we had no idea of what she was saying

back on the river we stopped so the Huao guys could go fishing (bare hands or spears). they found a couple of wierd small fish, which we tried a teeny bit of later.

day 6
Shiripuno bridgeShiripuno bridgeShiripuno bridge

playing on the oil pipelines
and really our last day in the oriente.

in the morning we went for a walk to a stunning waterfall atleast 50m high. on the way we got shown how they weave baskets out of palm leaves when they r hunting to put the catch in, how they climb branchless trees (eg to catch a monkey at the top), a huge hard leaf thing they use to carry out rubbish, which i got pulled along in like a toboggon without he snow! its so cool how they live compleately in harmony with nature and how they have a use for everything in the jungle.

back to the camp and that was it. 😞 we were on our way out of Huaroani territory and back to the Shiripuno bridge. back to oil territory. it was a harsh jolt back to the rest of the world and a 3hr ass jolting dustier than the dessert ride back to Coca. the scenery along the route got less and less beautiful, dirtier and more dominated by oil pipelines and stations as we got similarly dirtier and dustier and sadder that our trip was over... but already planning a way to come back.


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