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South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River June 6th 2013

I have just been told off. “Would you stop looking at facebook and write a blog?!” Its about the 10thtime iv been told so here I am! Blog time! :) Thank goodness I have a giant bag of choclate eclair lollies next to me to help get me through! The last day in the Amazon... We woke up early this am as the Huaorani's don't understand the meaning of sleep in or even sleep! At about 5am we heard them up and about but managed to doze in our very comfortable tent till about 7am. We both actually slept pretty well despite me naturally being bitten by mossies up and down both arms. This time my legs were safe! Ben naturally got no bites. We were up for breakie at 8am and they had made us ... read more
giant wild pineapple

South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River June 5th 2013

We got up and had breakfast at 7.30am ready for our 8.30am departure down the Shiripuno a tandem kayak! It was looking a little gloomy and overcast when we first got up however once we got our bags all packed (cos we were moving down river today and staying at a camp site tonight), the drizzle had stopped and the sun started to pop its head out. So it was Rach and I in 1 kayak, and our guides Gabrielle and Hamir in the other. We got in first and started floated with the current down the river. We first had to try and navigate a fallen tree trunk sticking up out of the river. Whilst we were still trying to co-ordinate our left and right paddling, we floated straight onto the tree trunk, anchoring ... read more
just laxin out by the river
our hut

South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River June 4th 2013

We had talked our guide, Hamir, into the slightly later start of 8am for breakfast. Rach and I had pretty good sleeps with the rainforest sounds to keep us company for the night. Unfortunately, there must've been a rogue mosquito buzzing through Rach's bed because when she woke, her legs were covered in mozzy bites. Me on the other hand got away itchy-bite free. We woke up however at 730am and it was bucketing down - let's hope it's a morning shower. We got up and freshened up with a nice cold shower as our lil huts don't have hot water! (well, I had a cold shower, and Rach sort of patted her limbs not wanting to get anywhere near the freezing cold water). We then headed off to the other hut for breaky. Carmen, one ... read more
Our Huoarani Lodge
into the rain forest we go...

South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River June 3rd 2013

Olly woke us up so thoughtfully at 5.40am! Rar! Price you have to pay for going into the amazon I guess! We got up, tried to continue to pack the limited amount of items we were allowed and pack up up our big packs with a sign on then for David from tropico to pick up and drop to our hotel we are staying at after the tour. We were still raving around where the doorbell went and the banging started, no doubt waking up everyone else in the hostel! Meh they kept us awake most of the night! We headed downstairs and met our driver for the day and ... read more
Welcome to Shell Airport

South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River December 13th 2008

Dear Friends, It had been a while I haven´t post. Shiripuno is getting better and better;now there is no loggers anymore,weare encountering bigger mammals such as Jaguar, Pumas, Tapirs, Peccaries; despiting with the seven species of monkeys and the 450 species of birds. Macaws are so abundat that you want to shut them, very noicy animals. Christmas is coming and the bird count to. See you there guys,... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River August 9th 2007

A month without electricity, hot water, any kind of home comfort, though we did have running water if they remembered to pump it… Looking back it sounds hard, but before and while we were there, we didn’t give it a second thought. Before our trip we (me, Cheska, Zia and Claudia -my fellow volunteers, who became more like a part of me as we together literally 24/7 for the whole month) had all read the book Savages by Joe Kane and researched the Huaorani; a small but fierce indigenous population spread out in communities throughout the Oriente in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Huaorani consider themselves the bravest people in the world and have never been defeated. Unfortunately now they are, and it’s happening so slowly, in a way that they don’t recognise, that ... read more
getting married to Chino
our pet monkey Tano!
traditional dancing

South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River February 24th 2007

Dear friends, Shiripuno Amazon Lodge and Shiripuno Research Center, whose mission in the Huaorani Reserve is to promote ecotourism and tropical ecological studies, invite you to the very first bird survey of the Shiripuno area. . May 7-13, 2007 (Monday to Sunday) From Coca, the Shiripuno Amazon Lodge is seven hours from Coca (three hours by car and four hours by motorized canoe) The Shiripuno River is located about 75 km southeast of Coca and just outside the Yasuni National Park boundaries, has a wide variety of habitats, such as terra firme, old vàrzea, riparian forest, small oxbow lakes, clay licks, moriche swamps, and small streams. A check of the “Birds of Ecuador” by Robert S.Ridgely and Paul J. Greenfield reveals that the avifauna of this area is little studied and poorly known. Our Goal: ... read more
White-fronted Nunbird

South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River November 15th 2006

Well, a journey and a half to Banos, what with a blockage due to volcanic eruptions and the (actually very nice) peasants revolting about their lot. The white knuckle ride for the end of the journey turned out to be in a 4 x 4 over a lava field - no photes, too scary to take out the camera. All in all a very interesting journey here. The Posada del Arte is an unusual little hotel with a great view, and very comfy. Maybe it´s the warmer weather down here- only 6500 ft up. This morning we were up early, as always and had a splendid walk in the hills around Banos. Quito seems a lifetaime away already, it's so esay and relaxing in Banos, just a small town in the foot of a volcano. ... read more
Don't jump
Black butterfly
Main church in Banos

South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River August 26th 2006

I´ll keep this one quick. In the morning we went to the local indigenous community. On the way into the jungle, we each had to pay them $20 because we were technically on their land. $20, FYI is a fortune out here. So we were expecting quite a show when we went to visit them. Well, let´s just say we didn´t get it. The community was very basic, but they didn´t take particularly good care of their land, and in the school all the desks and chairs were tipped over. It was still pretty amazing to see how a community could live out in the rainforest and how they survived, but I´m not exactly sure where that $20 is going. The four hour boat ride back was a pleasure. We saw tons of birds and even ... read more

South America » Ecuador » East » Shiripuno River August 25th 2006

Our morning hike was full of adrenaline. We actually departed by starting on a trail right behind the lodge and just going. After spotting a tarantula and a spider, we stopped to eat lemon ants, so called because the first person ever to eat one apparently had never eaten a lemon before. They tasted more vinegary than anything else, but it was definitely a new experience to eat little creepy crawlies right off of a branch. I´ll try to get the photos up soon. Then we saw some wooly monkeys. All of a sudden, Jose decides to bolt after them. So we ditch the trail and head in the direction of the monkeys, following them whereever they went. We find them and are able to get fairly close to them and take a good look. The ... read more

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