Playa Blanca Day 2

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May 13th 2011
Published: June 18th 2011
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Playa Blanca Fruit PlatterPlaya Blanca Fruit PlatterPlaya Blanca Fruit Platter

So fresh, so yummy!
Sleeping right on the water really is amazing. It's so nice to listen to the sounds of the Sea. However, it makes everything so damp. It almost feels like it rained in the room but it's just the moisture from the water & all the humidity. It's just damp 100% of the time. Things will dry off in the sun but overnight they absorb all the moisture out of the air & are wet again.

We slept great in our little fort/palapa. The bed is so comfy.

Today was quite a lazy day. We can be really good at taking full advantage of the rest & relaxation portion of our days. We walked down the beach & had breakfast at the same place we had lunch yesterday. Their food is too good & well priced. The cost of food here is really really high, compared with the mainlaind, but it is an island & that usually means higher costs for everything. We had eggs & toast & coffee. The Colombians like to scramble their eggs with tomotoes & onion. I like it.

After breakfast we spent the rest of the day laying in the sun, laying in the
Hugo's PlaceHugo's PlaceHugo's Place

A bit rustic, but perfect for us.
shade, reading, napping, staring at the Sea, swimming, talking with people, & saying 'no gracias' to the constant flow of people selling things. The weather wasn't perfect today. We had a bit of rain & clouds throughout the day but it seemed to keep the other tourists away because it was very quiet on the island today.

In the evening we were walking along the beach & met a couple from London who are 5 days into their 6 month trip. We were so excited for them & talked with them for hours. They shared their box wine with us & we chatted about traveling & such through wine & dinner. We had delicious shrimp pasta at Hugo's. The portions are ridiculously huge. We shared a plate & we were both stuffed. It was fun to talk with Jo & Sam & see their excitement about the newness of their trip.

We headed off to bed eventually.

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