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South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara February 5th 2019

Being back in this beautiful country for another month before we ship Tortuga from Cartagena is turning out to be very enjoyable so far. After we left Cuenca mid-January, we put in a few long days of driving to get up to Ibarra, in northern Ecuador, where we spent four nights back at one of our favourite campgrounds, Finca Sommerwind. It was great to catch up with our friends there and spend a few days relaxing around camp before crossing the border into Colombia. We had been wondering how the border crossing would go this time, as when we crossed over last August it took a very long time and the immigration officials were completely overwhelmed by the huge number of Venezuelans heading south. The night before we left Sommerwind, an unfortunate incident occurred in Ibarra, ... read more
La Serrana campground, Salento
Sunset over the coffee region
Iglesia de Belen, Silvia

South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara May 9th 2017

We left Bogotá in two cars to head to Barichara, 321 kilometres away from Bogotá. To begin with Juan David, Marian, Sienna, Kev and I headed off to JD's childhood home where we met his mother Catalina (known as Catta) and where his sister Natalia and Gloria - Marian's mum -joined us. Then we set off, heading first to Villa de Leyva in the mountains about two hours away, and where Kev and I spent a couple of days when we were in Colombia five years ago. I travelled in one car with Gloria, Catta and Natalia who did the driving while Kev went with JD, Marian, and Sienna. After lunch at El Camaleon in Villa de Leyva we picked up Marian's brother David, who joined us in our car, as we all continued our journey ... read more
Mother & son in Catalina's back garden
Lunchtime stop at Villa de Leyva
Michelle & Gloria in one of El Alero's courtyards

South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara April 15th 2016

So after striking out in the so called "adventure" capital of Colombia due to no "adventure" activities being offered I decided to take a bus to Barichara about 15 miles up in the mountains. Barichara is an old Spanish colonial town founded in 1705. The town I'm sure has not changed much in the 300+ years since it was founded. The streets are old cobblestone, the buildings whitewashed, and old Spanish tiles adorn the rooftops. A perfect place to just relax for a couple of days and soak it all in. The landscape surrounding the town consisted of lush green, steep mountains and the mighty Rio Suarez in the valley below. These complimented the town absolutely perfectly. It was like I had stepped back into time. After I arrived in town I checked into Tinto Hostel ... read more
camino to guane

South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara September 26th 2012

Walking through the little pueblo of Barichara, nested in the Santander area, I had to redefine my conception of tranquility. Until now, I would find peace & quiet in remote natural areas or exploring the underwater world, but Barichara had this very same effect on me. With little more than 4000 inhabitants, Barichara remains a tiny town but one that has understood that protecting its architectural & cultural heritage was the way forward when it comes to attract tourists. So here I was, rooming Barichara cobbled stones alleys, amazed at every corner by the combination of white washed facades with linear dash of colors at the base, stone works and just as colorful wooden doors & windows frame. The town is quite hilly which add an extra once of charm to it. Mid day and after ... read more
Face & colors of Barichara
Camino Real, Colombia
Barichara distinctive architecture

South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara May 6th 2012

Barichara, an inspiring place given its stone buildings dating from the end of the XVII century and its well-preserved and totally simillar houses, which make you go back to colonial times to experience life as it was lived some centuries ago… I couldn’t help but think of Perouge in France; although the latter is more of the Middle Ages, reminiscing all these old ages became like a search of a feeling for being there if you know what I mean. Declared a national monument in 1978, thanks to its representative buildings with colonial architecture style from the times of the Spanish conquest, no wonder why many people state that there is not a favourite time to visit the village as Barichara is beautiful all year longñ in fact, they go so far to call it the ... read more
Photo 66
Photo 10
Lots of amazing street views

South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara April 25th 2012

Day 193 Saturday 21st April We need to get tickets out of here for tomorrow so before breakfast we went in search of this and the first stop was the Brasila Expresso office near our hotel but they only go back towards Cartagena but he said to head towards the Cementario – really no one leaves this town. We walked around and could not see anything obvious but just opposite where we had dinner last night there was a small office selling tickets to Bucaramanga. After a bit of discussion we have arranged to be picked up at the hotel at 6.30am tomorrow and taken to El Banco by we think a Land Rover Collectivo and then a bus to Bucaramanga at 9.30 we hope this is in the morning and not the night. ... read more

South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara September 7th 2010

The trip from Villa de Leyva to Barichara took us just over 6 hours on 4 minibuses. It was with the usual sort of bus drivers, whose national sport is dodgy overtaking. However, the scenery at times was spectacular as we got closer to the Andes and lower down too. We moved more into sugar cane, banana and tobacco growing country and passed a group of vultures tucking into a road kill feast. Our first night in Barichara was a little disappointing. Firstly our chosen Hotel was closed, so we made do with the hostel across the road and then secondly our chosen restaurant for the evening was closed on Tuesdays. Barichara at this time of year is hardly the liveliest, but this seemed dead - although to be fair, the Lonely Planet guide did say ... read more
Barichara: Cathedral
Barichara: Street view-1
Barichara: Street view-2

South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara April 12th 2009

When we found ourselves in the small colonial town of Barichara in the heartland of Columbia, we were so utterly charmed by the friendly atmosphere and scenic setting that we decided to stay a week longer than planned (really sticking to the plan of no plan!). Barichara is a photographer´s dream. Set high on a sloping hillside, whitewashed buildings line stone-paved narrow streets. The red roof tiles and blooming flowers give the town a Tuscan feel, but the lush sweeping gorges on either side make it distinctly Colombian. Plus Semana Santa was fast approaching and we had heard enough about it to know that it was a really really big deal. Of all the religious festivities on the Catholic calendar, Semana Santa (or Holy Week, or the week before Easter for all those who missed out ... read more
Palm Sunday
In Mario McCormick´s studio
The old Spanish trail to Guane

South America » Colombia » Santander » Barichara November 18th 2005

Partida de Mérida Confundo a enorme vontade de ficar com uma sensação estranha de bem estar. Partir, para mim, é mais do que uma vontade, é um dever e um desafio. Por cada sitio que passo, provo sempre a mesma sensação de angústia, quando chega o momento de seguir. Há sempre mais para ver, mais para fazer, conhecer. São demasiadas razões que me levam a colocar sempre a hipótese de ficar mais um dia. E sempre que isto acontece recordo as vésperas da partida de Lisboa. Lembro-me dos mapas espalhados, rasgados, escritos. Lugares assinalados a marcador, livros e guias....tudo numa azáfama que recordo com um sorriso. Até agora esta terapia tem funcionado, e continuo a girar. Desta vez, sair da Venezuela, só foi fácil porque o objectivo era a Colombia. Prometi a mim mesmo voltar, e ... read more
A movimentada fronteira
A pé sai mais barato
A união faz a força

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