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August 11th 2011
Published: August 11th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Medellin has perfect weather. Being here in Colombia is just a dream come true. The language barrier is such a challenge but being in a new place is such a wondrous idea. I miss family and I miss home but I wouldn't wish to be anywhere else but enjoying my days here without the responsibilities. It's just perfect! I want to upload pictures when I can get to a proper internet cafe!

My stay here has been everything wonderful. So much green cloud forests, yappy-but-happyy random dogs, all-the-fried-street vendor foods, everywhere ice cream men and shops, colorful clowns in Medellin, Colombians on motorcycles looking serious, taxi-drivers who don't like you slamming their doors, strange-coincidences of meeting a Chicago-salsero in Medellin, sleeping on buses with dirty bathrooms, and never washing my hands enough. Oh yeah, a transport system that is so much more efficient than Chicago's L-system. Oh, and Salsa music EVERYWHERE!


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