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August 8th 2011
Published: August 8th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Okay, so tomorrow I will be setting sail towards Panama (I not sure if that is the right "Sailing-Language"). We will start tomorrow morning, sail all day and all night and be getting to the San Blas islands on Wednesday. We will be staying there until Friday, thats when we take a Jeep to Panama City. Im going in this trip with two friends from school and in Panama City we will stay during 2 days in a (airconditioned!!!!) Hotel. I think I m looking forward to the airconditioning most, this morning at 8 we actually had 34 degrees, I repeat THIRTY_FOUR DEGREES, in-the-morning!
The football match on Thursdaywas awfully boring, but the Mexican Fans were great, they brought all kinds of instuments and just watched them play most of the time. Result: 0-0, whoopwhoop..
Friday I had a really bad cold an went home from school early. I went to buy some medication and you know what?! The sell by the pill here! So they basically ask you how many pills you would like and the fish out the amount from the box.. So I stayed home on Friday. I can tell you, my appartement is no place to be sick at, I thought I had a fever so I measured.. Nope no fever. Then I "measured" the room; 34.4 degrees! Not very relaxing. So I slept in my puddle of sweat (yummy, I know) until Saturday. I was feeling better and could go to the beach and a friends pool. That evening we went to the cinema. The cinema, in return, is extremely cold, like 15 degrees, so I learnt to wear long sleeves, pants and bring a sweater, jacket and scarf, hihi.. Cinema is cheap here, jupi!
Yesterday friends from School an I went to the Rosario Islands Aquarium. It is an aquarium in the Sea, which is just compartmentalized (if the word exists in English) by ropes an nets. There were sharks, dolphins and beautiful turtles. I liked it better than Seaworld, alot more of a natural habitat. And next to it was a seafood restaurant, harrharr..
So, I guess thats it for now, I will probably be able to write my next entry next monday (stay tuned).
Muchos abrazos a todos!


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