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August 15th 2011
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Hola chicos!
So I returned home yesterday evening after my sailing trip to Panama! The trip was great and the islands were amazing. On the first day we arrived on the boat in the morning and they fed us breakfast. The food was yummy during the whole trip. Then we set sail (well actually we did not becaus there was no wind so I should say we motored..) and traveled the whole day. There werent a lot of waves but the boat still rocked..alot. I was glad we had doped ourselves with anti-seasickness pills and chewing gum. We even saw dolphins that chased the boat and swam beside us several times along the way, truly breathtaking. The night that followed was breathtaking as well but in another sense. It STUNK (stank?) We shared one room for 20 people including not-so-clean bikers and backpackers who oozed of rum and transpired in the incredible heat of the under-deck. Yumm. So I had aterrible night and got up at 5 to go sleep on deck. It rained until we got to the islands of San Blas. No one actually lives on these postcard-dream-islands. So it was just us, palmtrees, white sand, and the ocean. Although the weather stayed grey we were able to snorkel and swim all day. A very smart American girl decided, that after 3 vodka shots she would climb the mast to the look out basket and jump from there to the water (apptox. 20 metres). So I witnessed how she jumped, slowly turning and fell on her back hitting the water.. She survived but her back and legs had sprung open and she had to go to the hospital to get x-rays..
In the evening we ate freshly fished lobsters (even I had some and it was not bad, although I dont like fish!) and salad by a bondfire on the beach. That night I slept on deck under the sky and watched the lightning from a storm far away. I could sleep until about 5 o clock (that was when the far-away storm arived..). The next day was ful of snorkeling (I saw tons of different coloful fish in the nearby riff and even jellyfish and a sting ray) and swimming. The next day we arrived in Carti, Panama where a Jeep took us to Panama City. My friends had booked the hotel for us three and guess what they had boojed?ยก The Trumptower in Panama!! It was in incredible hotel with a beatiful room (airconditioned, finally!) and 4 pools. So we got 2 good nights of sleep after the rather uncomfortable sleeping-situation on the boat. During the day we went to look at the canal and old city. The taxi driver stayed with us the whole time (Rolando) and explained everything in Spanglish :-)
So today I m back here in Cartagena. We dont have school today (they are celebrating some old virgin again) but I had my private lessons and now I will cook for my host family, Spaghetti :-) Wish me luck!


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