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May 7th 2006
Published: July 15th 2006
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Discoteca de CaliDiscoteca de CaliDiscoteca de Cali

There is nothing much to do during the day, but during the night this place comes alive with Salsa beats.
I would have to say that this has been the lazy portion of my trip. I have spent all weekend here and done absolutely nothing. That it is because there really is nothing to do around here during the day. I lie around watching TV, listening to music, and taking naps. Luckily this is a great hostel for that. With cool tropical breezes and an open air lounge that makes you feel like you’re on a veranda in amongst the rainforest.

My only activity during the day is going to the main area to find some food to eat. The food is delicious and cheap. I just had three empanadas, a pepsi, and a huge ball of meat, potato, and other stuff all fried up for only $1.50. It is funny how a place that it so lively during the day absolutely shuts down during the day. I don’t know where the residents of Cali go during the day. Perhaps, they are nursing the massive hangovers they receive from Cali´s notorious salsa nightlife.

The past two nights I have gone out in Cali at night on solo missions. There have been absolutely no problems. I just walk around
Tropical ParkTropical ParkTropical Park

This is just a little park I walk past on Avenida 6a.
with the attitude that if anyone messes me that I am just going to tear them apart. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but nobody has. The only hassle I have gotten is the "psst, psst and hola chico" I get from the prostitutes on the corners of the streets I have to walk by to get back to the hostel. In fact as I was coming home around 2am last night, on the corner right by my hostel, I had to pass by a group of about seven of them, and I am not sure all of them were women.

The nightlife here is crazy. It is mostly centered around salsa. The salsa beats are almost deafening as you walk down the main street. Which is lined wall to wall with discoteques and bars. If it wasn’t lively enough about every 10 minutes these party buses, called Chivas, come rolling through. These are like mobile mini-nightclubs, complete with loud music, flashing lights, and dancing chicas. Last night I wound up in this great little bar. It was out of the center a bit and dark, hazy, and mysterious. So of course I entered. It had a great atmosphere and a lot of people dancing around the tables. It also played the best latin rock music I’ve ever heard. It got my blood pumping. Tommy No Papers was experiencing nightlife Cali style.

However, tomorrow I am out of here. I still haven’t decided 100% where I will go. I will either move on to Bogota or go back to Cartagena. I have trouble with a beach addiction. If I am relaxing and doing nothing, I would rather be doing it on a beach. But Bogota would be good too.


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