All My Rivals Will See What I Have In Store

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May 5th 2006
Published: July 15th 2006
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So far it feels like a city on the edge of a tropical rainforest.
"All my rivals will see what I have in store."

This is a line from a Pearl Jam song that I like to listen to when I am traveling. It is kind of a "I am the man, so don’t mess with me" kind of song. And that is the kind of attitude you have to take when you’re traveling by yourself, especially when you’re going to a city in the middle of the Colombian jungle. That’s right I am now in Cali, former home of the infamous Cali Cartel, since busted. I think that ever since I heard about the Cali Cartel I have wanted to come down here and see it for myself.

I got up real early and went to the airport and got on the next flight to Cali via Bogota. The entire transaction was done in espanol. I guess even I pick up a few things when immersed in a language like I am in Colombia. I had a breakfast of egg, rice, and beans at the Bogota airport. I arrived in Cali, no problem. The taxi right into the city reminded me of driving through northeast Thailand, a very jungle atmosphere.
Guesthouse IguanaGuesthouse IguanaGuesthouse Iguana

This is the place where I am currently crashing.

I am currently staying at this hostel called the Iguana. It is so chill. I’ve got my own single room for like $9. There are all sorts of relaxed common areas, outdoors and in. The people staying here seem very relaxed. There is a funky vibe here too. All the lights are turned off, so there is only natural light. Also, there are a couple of candles burning, and somewhere in here there is a man singing in Spanish and a clarinet playing. No clue about that one, but it makes the whole place very atmosphere.

I think I will spend the next three or four days here then head to Bogota. I wanted to arrive to experience a legendary Friday night in Cali. Hopefully, I’ll be able to hook on with a few people and head out tonight.

One last thing, when I plugged in my camera to the computer here a large electrical current shot through my fingers and up my arm. I quickly unplugged the camera. The Colombian guy who works here explained that the reason I was getting electrocuted was because my feet were touching the floor. He was right. I spent the rest of the time on the computer with my feet in the air. I don’t know why I thought I could put my feet on the floor and touch my camera at the same time. Silly me.


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