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South America » Colombia » Boyacá November 15th 2012

Breakfast was a hearty meal "Caldo con Costilla". This consisted of a soup with potatoes and part of a shoulder of beef. The roadside cafe was busy and there was a group of Bogota motorcyclists out for a days riding in the mountains. We had left Bogota at 7 30am and our destination was Paipa. After a 2 hour journey and some magnificent mountain scenery we arrived at our hotel. This was in a great location with views over Sochagota Lake. The swimming pool used water from nearby thermal springs and it was just lke swimming in a hot bath! The nearby site of Pantana de Vargas was really interesting. This was the site of a decisive battle between the patriot armies and the Spaniards.The lancers monument contains 14 huge bronze sculptures of horses and horsemen ... read more
local birdlife
sochagota Lake
Pantana de Vargas

South America » Colombia » Boyacá November 13th 2012

El Dorado is Spanish for "the gilded one" and was the name of the ancient Muisca tribal chief. The legend states that Zipa the Chibchas chief covered his body in gold dust and submerged himself in the Guadavita Lake. Beautiful gold artefacts were also offered to the god of the lake. Many people have searched for the gold including the conquistadors. The lake has also been partly drained to aid the search for gold. A visit to the Guadavita Lake involves a steep climb up many steps. The scenery along the way is magnificent. Unfortunately we didnt find any gold but the circular lake is a spiritual place and the walk is one to remember.... read more
guatavita lake
guatavita lake
guatavita lake

South America » Colombia » Boyacá November 8th 2012

Our little yellow taxi huffed and puffed for almost 3 hours along the winding mountain roads. The route through the Andes from Bogota to Villa de Leyva contained some wonderful and spectacular scenery. We saw some well armed army staff at strategic locations and we gave the accepted "thumbs up" sign to them. This shows gratitude to the army for their role in maintaining peace and security in Colmbia. Villa de Leyva is a charming old colonial town full of traditional houses with red tiled roofs. All the streets are made with cobble stones and there are picture postcard vistas along every street. The houses have beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees that are very colourful and then there are the magnificent views of the mountains in the distance. The cobbled market place is enormous, possibly the ... read more
view of town
street scene
main plaza

South America » Colombia » Boyacá September 12th 2011

I am backed up on blog entries, but I have a few in the pipeline. So here I sit in Pamplona, Colombia. It is a small town (45,000 people) near the border of Venezuela, about 2 hours from the actual border town of Cúcuta which is described in guidebooks as "a hot, muggy, filthy, crime-ridden city; its most well known attraction is the notoriously dodgy bus station. A town better known for contraband than its sights, though you may need to stop here if you're crossing the border." This means that I finally decided to cross over to Chávezland after going back and forth with the idea. Many people have bad things to say about Venezuela so 2 things compelled me to go for it. Guide books don't often have good things to say about it ... read more
Pamplona Hotel Room 2
Pamplona Hotel Room 3

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