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South America » Colombia » Boyacá September 23rd 2019

Heute haben wir uns zuerst etwas Villa de Leyva angeschaut, sind einfach durch die Stadt gewandert. Dann wollten wir einen Ausflug machen, es sollte einen hübschen Weg unweit der Stadt geben, doch als wir am Anfang des Weges ankamen, wurde uns gesagt, er sei wegen Waldbrandgefahr geschlossen. Schließlich suchten und fanden wir einen alternativen Weg mit demselben Problem, sodass aus der Wanderung um die Stadt ein hin-und-herlaufen durch die Stadt wurde. Später schauten wir noch das Museum des Künstlers Luis Alberto Acuna an, nachmittags gingen wir zu der Casa Terracota, einem Terracottahaus im dali-Stil. Das Städchen ist sehr hübsch und unter der Woche etwas verschlafen, am Wochenende soll es voller Touristen aus Bogotá sein.... read more

South America » Colombia » Boyacá September 22nd 2019

Heute sind wir (nachdem wir uns wieder ausgegraben hatten) von Bogotá nach Villa de Leyva gefahren. Villa de Leyva ist eine kleine Stadt in der Region Boyacá, rund 160km von Bogotá entfernt. Da sie schon vor längerer Zeit zum nationalen Denkmal ernannt wurde, ist sie eine der besterhaltenen Siedlungen aus der Anfangszeit der Spanischen Kolonisierung/Eroberung. Dank des starken Verkehrs in Bogotá brauchten wir trotz der geringen Distanz einen großen Teil des Tages, um die Villa de Leyva zu erreichen. Schließlich machten wir nur einen kurzen Spaziergang durch das malerische, kleine Dorf. Es hat eine angenehme Atmosphäre, im Vergleich zu Bogotá fällt auch die geringe Polizeipräsenz auf.... read more

South America » Colombia » Boyacá June 29th 2016

Flying from Medellín to Bogotá took 31 minutes, as opposed to 9 hours by bus. The next morning I took a 3 hour minibus (it should have only been 2; we drove a round Bogotá for an hour trying to find more passengers) to Tunja (which looked like an interesting small city with hiking options in the hills), and then another hour to Villa de Leyva, touted as one of the prettiest towns in Colombia. It certainly is attractive- the well preserved buildings in the town center are so meticulously maintained that I passed several men throughout the day repairing and painting walls that already looked perfectly fine to me. The enormous town square is nice to walk around, though the cobblestone there and throughout the city gets to be a pain to walk on. This ... read more
View from 3600 meters
Iguaque Lake
Paramo Vegetation with View

South America » Colombia » Boyacá January 3rd 2016

It keeps raining in England so we are heading south to see some more of the world. First stop will be Columbia, where we plan to explore two areas, the cloud forest around Bogota (where we will stay in a tree house) and the Caribbean coast. Then we are flying to Haiti for some jazz, some voodoo and lots of colonial architecture. Then we will be taking the bus to the Dominican Republic where we will be staying up in the mountains followed by chilling down on some rather lovely beaches. As usual, we will be blogging as we go ...... read more

South America » Colombia » Boyacá December 21st 2014

Remember Radio? Well, this is the short story of how someone who seemed trustworthy and like they knew what they were doing, and slowly lost our trust. Don't get me wrong here, he's a super nice guy, but we were relying on him to take us up a glacier... Things started out fine. We met him at 7 am outside our hotel and took the bus to Guican, and even paid for our trip. At his house in Guican he introduced us to Suzanne, who's a Venezualan tourist who's also coming with us to the top of Pan de Azucar. She's a serious climber, and was hoping to do as much adveturing as she could while on holidays in Colombia. Like us, she was excited to climb a mountain that was higher than anything that she ... read more
Radio and Susana
Ritacuba Blanco

South America » Colombia » Boyacá December 18th 2014

One of the problems with a 5:10 am bus is the getting up at 4 am part. We managed it, and even though we had a short night, we're still pretty fresh at the start of our trip. This certainly won't be our only early morning and long bus ride of the trip, so we might as well get started. We'd invited Corey to join us, but he must have reconsidered the 4am wake up time, or his plans just changed. Maybe we'll run into him later in our trip. The second problem with 5:10am buses is... sometimes they don't actually exist. Our taxi driver dropped us off at the terminal (and Bogota has a big bus terminal, so it was good he dropped us off in the right spot) and we found the bus company ... read more
One of the Beautiful Views on the Way From Bogota
It's a Model!
Our Hotel

South America » Colombia » Boyacá January 27th 2014

Venturing to Salento in the Zona Cafetera was like landing in the green hills of Switzerland, but with palm trees and coffee farms. Did a fantastic 11km circuit hike in the Cocora Valley, surrounded by 60 to 70 metre tall wax palms (Colombia´s national tree), with a side trip to Acaime Natural Reserve to see hummingbirds. Then I hit the heady heights (2600m) of Bogota; exploring the various parts of the capital by bike and cable car, the interesting Gold Museum, and the underground salt cathedral at Zipaquia. Next stop was the charming Villa de Leyva with colonial houses, cobblestone streets and plazas, and lots of fancy-schmancy artesan shops for visiting Bogotanos - a very pretty town with a similar vibe (and cost) to Leura in the Blue Mountains. Final highlight was an amazing 4-day hike ... read more
Valle de Cocora

South America » Colombia » Boyacá August 4th 2013

Nog exact 1 week en ons jaartje outdoor zit erop , alle laatste nieuws vanuit Colombia vind je op for english version of this entry with more pics, please visit read more
End of the gap year! Waaaaaah!
 Colombia – que chévere es el cocuy  (how cool is el cocuy)  After 2 weeks of voluntary teaching computer skills in the Yurac Yacu community at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca, we went out for a couple of its summits. As reported before, the C
Bivy on the Cocuy circuit

South America » Colombia » Boyacá November 27th 2012

On my last full weekend in Bogotá, a few of us were invited to a friend's family finca about an hour and a hlaf outside the city in a tiny village called Caqueza. 7 of us went in total, and my friend's full extended family was also there it seemed! It was a really beautiful place in the mountains and with amazing sunshine. We arrived on the Saturday afternoon and spent a few hours sorting out our tents (the finca was full!) and having a few beers/aguardiente with the family outside outside of the finca, salsa blasting, into the early evening. Then us lot went into the local town to have a bit of a party before coming back and carrying on the party around the campfire. The next day we set off to climb a ... read more
Catherine's Finca

South America » Colombia » Boyacá November 22nd 2012

Our visit to andres restaurant was an amazing experience. The car park, just for the restaurant clientele, is huge. At the entrance we were provided with a large basket of big strawberries and then some sweets like turkish delights. We entered through a turnstile, just like going to a football match! Inside the restaurant it was a surreal experience. The large restaurant is divided into many different areas and there are numerous objects of all descriptions hanging from the ceilings and walls. Many people are wandering around -people in fancy dress,musicians and dancers. There is a great atmosphere with good music and the waiters are all young friendly people, There was a large area devoted to activities for children who could make things, have face painting etc. The food was excellent and the beef and chicken ... read more
andres carnes restaurant
andres carnes restaurant
andrescarnes restaurant

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