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Published: July 21st 2010
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Not even sure where to begin on this one. As I´ve already told many of you, I have officially begun work at the hospital in Quillota. It´s just under a two hour commute so I walk out my door at 7am to get to work at 9. It´s pitch black when I wake up, though the sun rises a little earlier every morning (remember, it´s winter here). I am working with the nurses of the terminal ward at the moment. On my second day on the job a 6 year old girl died in my arms. Every day I talk to people about death. It´s some pretty heavy shit. The hospital mandates that anyone who is new and experiences death has to go into grief counseling. We do 20 minutes of group and then I have an hour private session. It´s crazy trying to be in therapy in spanish, but I like the group session a lot. People here view death so differently. I mean it´s still seen as tragic clearly, but it´s discussed and confronted so openly and head on. Beyond dealing with that, I´ve had that opportunity to here several life stories, give shots, give pills, change bed pans (oh yeah, it´s awesome), insert a catheter (sp?) and more. It´s a pretty incredible experience, despite the bitch of a commute.

On the Viña front, my roommates have continued to be awesome. The second of four leaves Friday. It seems like from here on out someone will be leaving just about every week. I´m hoping we´ll get someone new as currently I´ll end up being here alone for the last couple of weeks, but it´s not very likely as most people seem to come for summer break. Last weekend we went to ConCon to these giant sand dunes that people sand board and sled on. It´s cool to see because it´s just like going to Hood at home, only sand. There is the family baby hill, and the more hard core ones and everything. Of course one major difference is there is no lift to carry you back to the top, you´ve gotta hoof it.

The plan for this weekend is to go back to that same area to do a zip line and ride some horses. I´m pumped as I miss riding a lot and having done a zipline in several years. We´re also talking about doing a wine tasting tour, though I really want to do one on bikes and that´ll take more planning.

I think that about does it for now. As always, lots of love from Chile


22nd July 2010

Dearest Alina, I am so proud of you and so grateful to be following your life changing experiences in Chile. Those people are so fortunate to have you there with them. Love, Catherine
22nd July 2010

miss you
Beana, miss you lots sounds like an amazing experience. I am so excited for you. The apartment sounds great and wish I was doing the zip lines with you! I'm sorry about the bed pans... I really am. Love you girl!

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