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South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Viña del Mar September 15th 2010

I swear I wrote another blog in between the last one and this one...but apparently not. But that means I have lots to tell. This whole week has begun the celebration of fiestas patrias, the Chilean independence day celebrations. There are more Chilean flags out than you could possibly imagine. Apparently it´s illegal for each building to not have at least one up for the month, and public venues such as my hospital are required to get even more decked out, with stories and pictures and all sorts of stuff. It´s fun to see how into it everyone gets. Pretty much the whole country has a 4 day weekend, which I´m sure helps people to get pumped. The first fiesta event I went to was held by the university where I´ve been going to classes with ... read more

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Viña del Mar August 30th 2010

I can´t believe it, but 3 weeks from today I will be home. I´m of course excited to see those of you I get to see, but I´m not ready to go! Things at the hospital are awesome. I´m now shadowing an internist which is great since it´s a bit closer to our primary care (emphasis on a bit, however). He is an awesome teacher. He takes the time to explain everything to me, quizzes me on what he has already told me, and lets me take all the basic vitals and histories. I´m no longer with a med student but in some ways that´s better because it means he is only teaching me and I don´t feel bad asking simple questions. Plus I have become friends with the med students who, as it turns out ... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza August 11th 2010

Hello again So this past weekend, as forementioned, Joe, Eric and I went to Mendoza. We said goodbye to Jessica (still crying about that one) in Santiago, and continued our 8 hour bus ride into the foreign land of Argentina. We managed to get the front seats on the second floor of the bus (thanks to traveling friends for that recommendation) giving us an incredible view of the ride through the Andes. We got into Mendoza Friday night. Joe and Eric brought their bikes, and I hopped on pegs to get around efficiently. It was very evocative of childhood summers, aka it was fantastic. We managed to rent a room with 3 beds, a kitchen, a bathroom and a patio for about 40 bucks each for 3 nights. Saturday we went on around a 25 or ... read more

That´s right ladies and gentlemen, I have officially reached my half way point down here. Crazy how time flies. Since my last blog, my roommate Jessica and friend´s Rachel, Amanda and I did the horse riding/ziplining outside of Con Con. When we arrived we were all very skeptical. The zipline tour was in these skinny rickety trees off the highway, and we were like ¨Canopy tour? Really? Or just playing in some trees¨. But, it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was something like 8 or 10 ziplines plus several other obstacles. Which were horrifying. There were some tree limbs we had to climb up that were wrapped in roap and therefore ¨ladders¨, then a net we had to shimmy across, but worst of all some freaking swings we had to sing between. ... read more

Not even sure where to begin on this one. As I´ve already told many of you, I have officially begun work at the hospital in Quillota. It´s just under a two hour commute so I walk out my door at 7am to get to work at 9. It´s pitch black when I wake up, though the sun rises a little earlier every morning (remember, it´s winter here). I am working with the nurses of the terminal ward at the moment. On my second day on the job a 6 year old girl died in my arms. Every day I talk to people about death. It´s some pretty heavy shit. The hospital mandates that anyone who is new and experiences death has to go into grief counseling. We do 20 minutes of group and then I have ... read more

Hey ya´ll! I am officially living in Viña. Unfortunately I don´t think pictures are going to be possible after all, because the computers here are painfully slow and old, but I´ll try and get at least a couple up at some point. San Pedro was incredible. The people were awesome, and every tour we did was awesome. We went to the salt flats which were very cool, though apparently the 3rd biggest of the world, the 2nd biggest being in the states. They were multicolored however which was pretty amazing. It was freaking cold though. We went up to 4800 meters and arrived around 7am. We spent the entire day driving and walking around the flats and mountains. I think my favorite part of that one though was actually the froze lake. It freezes in a ... read more

Hello friends! We have made our way down the Peruvian coast and into the Atcama desert of Chile. Highlights of our trip since the last blog: We flew over the Nazca lines, which are these ancient giant drawings in the desert of different animals and shapes and an astronaut (or what they call the astronaut). No one really knows how made them or why. They were made by moving rocks out of the sand in distinct patterns. They´ve stayed that way for so long because the heat of the desert creates this bizarre protective layer on the ground so the wind doesn´t disturb the placement. The plane was a 6 seater and a little rough on my stomach, but I managed to make it through without throwing up. This might not seem like an accomplishment, but ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Pisco June 24th 2010

Today we went out on a boat tour of the Islas Ballestas and then drove/walked aroundthe national reserve. It was awesome. On the boat portion we saw dolpins, sea lions and birds all feeding on a school of fish. We even got to see adorable penguins just waddling and hoppin' along! The park was incredible. Apparently they mine salt there, and half of the dunes are salt not sand. It gives the whole thing this incredible sparkle, but looks like you're in the middle of a desert. Then, to make it even more awesome, the whole thing is surrounded by bays and oceans. Depending on where you are you can see nothing but salty sand, or water on every side. A very neat effect. Now we're waiting in our hostal to catch our bus to Nazca. ... read more

South America » Peru June 22nd 2010

Hello again! Torin and I arrived around midnight last night and were tucked in to our oh so funky yet perfect hotel. Lima at night is deserted, shabby and a little creepy. Today however the streets are bustling with cars whizing by and constantly honking. We ate lunch at a corner restaurant where we discovered that the guidebooks aren´t lying when they say they love their sweets here. On every corner there is a cart or small tienda to buy candy or pastries. Our meal came with jello that was 90% sugar. Other than that however it was yummy. I have already suffered the consequences of their love of cilantro however. This may be a long three months :) Tomorrow we are hopping on a bus and heading to Pisco, a small fishing and market town ... read more

Ok so I haven't technically started my traveling yet, but visiting friends and family is always a fantastic way to start an adventure. This entry is really just to test the waters and get it out there that I have in fact succumbed to the world of blogging, at least for the next three months. The plan: June 21st fly from LA to Lima Peru. June 22-July 4 mosey down the coast with my bro, and I mean that in the literal sense. July 4-September 12 live and be awesome in Vinya del mar (my computer here doesn't have the proper lettering, I'll work on it). September 13 get to Santiago September 14 fly home Details to come. Stay posted. Love Me... read more

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