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Published: May 7th 2005
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So I can't believe that we are in May already! Things have been going great here and Im sad that we only have 2 months left cause the time is going to fly by! On May 18th to the 23rd I will be at Easter Island, "Isla de Pascua" a.k.a. "El ombligo del mundo"--The belly button of the world!!!! which Im very excited about because its one of the most remote places in the world, 5 1/2 hours off the coast of Chile. We are going to be camping on the beach and renting a car so that we can check out the whole island. Im just excited cause they "lae" (spelling?!?) you when you get off the plane! But Im exstatic about being able to see the Moai statues.

So as for classes...hmm...well today Beth and I went a lil early to our history class because we were supposed to have had a test. I arrived first only to be greeted by lots and lots of students, so I knew something was most definitely up. The students were holding a no classes for now! Classes end at the end of the month or first week of June, so there really isn´t much more. There have been daily strikes in the streets against the buses, they have had the police out and about patrolling the streets with tanks. The students protest that the bus fare is too high for the students, its 120 pesos one way (about 586 pesos equals a dollar), so about 20 cents. Its definitely a bit crazy, especillay since its so common here but for us its all new cause this definitely doesnt happen in the states.
I hope that you are all doing well! Love Danielle


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