Im a Profesora de Ingles

Published: April 25th 2005
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So today was my first day teaching English (ingles)(profesora-teacher) at Ruben Castro Colegio--they even call me profesora which is pretty cool!!! I have a classroom of 15 students, ages 14-15 years old. A few of them speak conversation english, half the class speak more or less, a few words here or there. The rest not a word. So it was quite interesting to deal with those who could answer my questions and those who couldnt, as I tried to speak very little Spanish to them so that they can get used to hearing and speaking only in English. They all learn British english here so it was interesting to hear lil bits of the british english pop in every now and then. I have three tests this week, two I dont even really know what they are on cause we never have class. I just got some great news about an internship with the Vermont chapter of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants in Burlington, it sounds like a sure deal by the email I received from the here is to hoping and praying!!!!!! It would be great to get that kind of experience ...and at least some sort of a plan for when I get back to the states. Im hoping to head to Easter Island (Isla de Pascua) on May 18th to the 23rd (Mom!?!?!?) so here is to more hoping and praying! Love to all. Danielle


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